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Prof. Dr. Mansour Ibrahim Al-Hazimi

Born in 1935 (1354 AH) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Received his primary, middle, and secondary education in Mecca.

Obtained a Bachelor's degree in Literature from Cairo University, Faculty of Arts, in 1958 (1378 AH).

Obtained his PhD in 1966 (1386 AH) from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, with a dissertation on Historical Novels in Modern Arabic Literature.

Worked as a professor of Arabic literature at King Saud University, and served as the Dean of the Faculty of Arts from 1373 AH to 1396 AH. He also served as the Head of the Arabic Language Department from 1397 AH to 1399 AH, and later as the Dean of the University Studies Center from 1401 AH to 1404 AH.

He established the Journal of the Faculty of Arts at King Saud University in 1390 AH.

Member of the editorial board of Al-Darah magazine and the board of directors of Riyadh Literary Club.

Participated in and contributed to several local and international scientific conferences and seminars, including:

The Orientalists Conference in Paris in 1393 AH

The First Conference of Saudi Writers in 1394 AH

The Future of Literature Conference at the American University of Beirut in 1394 AH

The International Conference on Libraries in Seoul in 1396 AH

The Islam and Japanese Civilization Conference in Tokyo

The Saudi Cultural Week in Stockholm, Sweden

Al-Marbad Poetry and Criticism Festivals

The National Heritage and Culture Festival

Member of the Comprehensive Planning Committee for Arab Culture affiliated with the League of Arab States.

Member of the Committee for the State Appreciation Award in Literature.

Member of the Selection Committee for the King Faisal International Prize for Arabic Literature.

Awarded the Grand Gold Medal by the Arab League Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization in 1408 AH.

Honored at the Tenth Gulf Cooperation Council Summit in Muscat in 1410 AH.

Member of the editorial board of several cultural journals within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Participated and is still participating in numerous literary and cultural events within Saudi Arabia.

Selected as a member of the Saudi Shura Council in its first term.

His Publications:

The Historical Novel in Modern Arabic Literature: A Ph.D. dissertation in English, 1386 AH.

Mohammed Fareed Abu Hadeed, the Author of the Novel: Studies, 1390 AH.

The Lexicon of Journalistic Sources for the Study of Literature and Thought in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Umm Al-Qura Newspaper, 1393 AH.

Longings and Tales: A collection of poems, 1401 AH.

The Art of Story in Modern Saudi Literature: Studies, 1404 AH.

In Search of Reality: Studies, 1404 AH.

Critical Perspectives: Studies, 1410 AH.

Preceding Moments: Studies and Articles, 1421 AH.

Illusion and Axes of Vision: Studies, 1421 AH.

Prof. Dr. Mansour Ibrahim Al-Hazimi
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