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Offices and Delegates of the Foundation

Due to the expansion and diversification of the institution's work throughout the Arab world, offices have been established in several Arab countries and Europe, including:

1- Kuwait Office: This office covers the Gulf region and the Arab Peninsula. It is directly overseen by the Secretary-General as part of the responsibilities of the General Secretariat. The General Secretariat staff and delegates in the Gulf Arab countries assist the Secretary-General, along with mobile delegates in Diaspora countries (Asia, Australia, the Americas, and Africa).


2- Cairo Office: This office covers the region of Egypt, Sudan, and their surrounding areas. It is managed by Mr. Mustafa Saad.


3- Rome Office: This office is responsible for monitoring the Foundation’s activities in the European Union.


In addition to its regional offices, the Foundation has appointed a number of literary figures as delegates in Arab countries. These individuals have a good understanding of cultural affairs in their respective countries and possess knowledge of poetry. They assist in implementing the Foundation’s projects and meeting its needs in relation to their respective regions.

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