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Since its beginnings and throughout its history and stages of development, the Foundation has sought to be a platform for creative activity, a center for intellectual and scientific studies, a bridge for dialogue and communication, a field for cultural interaction, and a platform for calling for a just peace by achieving the following goals:

1- Supporting the Arabic language and making all possible efforts to preserve its vitality and give it priority among its children within the Arab world, and to expand its areas of presence among speakers other than the Arab world.


2- Establishing communication between professors specializing in in the Arabic language at Arab and foreign universities and seeking opportunities for cooperation with them in relation to issues of poetry and language.


3- Promoting the Culture of Just Peace and affirming the importance of believing in the principles of equity, equality and rights common to nations and peoples through the holding of the World Peace Forum in the active presence of eminent international figures.


4- Affirming the importance of mutual understanding and continuing dialogue among civilizations, cultures and religions through the holding of seminars on dialogue among civilizations.


5- Paying attention to the translation from and to Arabic, with a focus on translating the publications on scientific achievements from foreign languages into Arabic.


6- Consolidating the culture of poetic creativity and promoting its intellectual and aesthetic values among large segments of the Arab world.


7- Motivating creative poets and critics through a periodic award granted by the Foundation in six fields of poetry once every two years, with honoring the winners in these fields.

8- Observing the scene of Arabic poetry, attempting to count and introduce its poets, providing their biography, sources of information, and selections from their poetic works by working on the publication of a series of "Albabtain Encyclopedia of Arab Poets" starting from the pre-Islamic era to the present.

9- Preserving, gathering, protecting, and honoring the legacy of printed and written Arabic poetry.

10- Enriching the movement of poetry and poetic criticism, encouraging communication between poets and those concerned with Arab poetry and creating connections between them through literary seminars that run alongside the Foundation’s award distribution sessions and other qualitative events, as well as the publications, research and the poetic evenings and festivals that are part of these sessions.

11- Fostering the talented and distinguished young Arabs in the fields of poetic creativity and criticism.

12- Strengthening relations with unions and literary and poetic associations at the level of the Arab world.

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