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The Board of Trustees

The activities and cultural projects of the Foundation, including the affairs of the award, the formation of judging committees, and the approval of their work results, are managed through a Board of Trustees composed of a distinguished group of intellectuals and literary figures from the Arab world. The Board operates in accordance with the specific regulations adopted by its chairman, which stipulate the following:

Article 1:

The Board of Trustees of the Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation consists of the Secretary-General of the Foundation and at least nine members who are prominent literary figures in the Arab world. The board is chaired by Professor Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain or his designated representative.

Article 2:

The Board of Trustees is responsible for managing the affairs of the Prize Foundation, including its preparations. It is also responsible for approving all matters related to the Prize, such as its terms, categories, announcement format, the appointment of jury members, determining their rewards, approving their work results, organizing the Prize ceremony, and selecting its venue. Additionally, the Board oversees any cultural projects derived from the Prize and prepares for intellectual gatherings or poetry seminars.

Article 3:

The Board convenes a minimum of two meetings per year, in any Arab country chosen by the President of the Board of Trustees, and the President has the authority to call for an exceptional meeting to be convened.


Article 4:

In the event that any member of the Board fails to attend three consecutive Board meetings without an acceptable excuse, as deemed acceptable by the President, the President is authorized to designate a substitute member in their stead, and the decision shall be approved by the Board.


Article 5:

The Secretary-General is responsible for distributing the meeting agenda to the members, ensuring that it is provided at least one week in advance of the Board meeting. Each member has the opportunity to submit written proposals or matters for discussion. Furthermore, the President has the prerogative to present any relevant items to the Board as he deems appropriate.


Article 6:

The Secretary-General is responsible for notifying the members, within the following two weeks after each Board meeting, of the decisions and recommendations made by the Board, along with a summary of the meeting minutes. Members are considered to have approved them if no reservations or objections are raised within two weeks of receiving them.

With the approval of the President, the Secretary-General has the authority to shorten the previous periods due to circumstances deemed necessary, and to choose the appropriate means to obtain the members' approval.

In all cases, the members receive the minutes of the meeting at least one week prior to the next meeting.


Article 7:

Decisions of the Board of Trustees are issued by majority vote when voting is necessary. In the event of a tie, the opinion of the President is the one that prevails.


Article 8:

The Board is permitted to form special committees from among its members to discuss the topics presented to it.


Article 9:

The Board is permitted - based on circumstances and reasons determined by the Board itself - to form a committee consisting of its members and others, with the purpose of selecting some candidates for the Prize. These candidates, along with other applicants, will be presented to the judging panels according to the announced terms.


Article 10:

The mission of the Secretary-General of the Board is to implement its resolutions, make preparations for its meetings, and he is authorized to seek assistance from his chosen aides to fulfill his duties.


Article 11:

A monthly remuneration is awarded to each member, and the Foundation assumes the expenses associated with the travel and accommodation of non-resident members when attending meetings held outside their country of residence. Furthermore, customary attendance allowances are disbursed to them.

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