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Albabtain Translation Center

          The methods adopted since the establishment of the center involve entering into agreements with active publishing houses specializing in translation. After research and study, the center collaborates with these publishers to translate selected books based on the center's orientations. The center provides financial support to the publishers, whether for acquiring translation rights from the original author or publisher, or for translating, publishing, and distributing each agreed-upon book. Additionally, the commercial proceeds from book sales belong to the publishers themselves.

          The center also places great importance on selection. The benefits of translation efforts are realized when they serve a specific purpose. While there may be translations that quickly gain popularity, such as certain political books or exciting Western novels, this is not the primary objective of the Albabtain Translation Center. The center is more focused on translating books that are lacking in the Arab library.

          Regarding the criteria for selecting books, the center initially released translations of books about Western affairs in general and historical knowledge. In a subsequent phase, the focus shifted more towards scientific, technical, and technological books. This focus stems from the interest in acquiring knowledge from its origins and in detail, as well as introducing Arab readers to experiences and knowledge that can enhance the methods, approaches, and discoveries in science. The emphasis is not only on the results and achievements of science and technology but also on the progress of scientific research, its processes, and the circumstances surrounding it. The center aims to highlight the knowledge that contributes to inspiring new ideas and techniques, ultimately leading to scientific innovation and creativity.

Albabtain Translation Center has numerous Publications, such as:

1. The Case Book of Past, Present and Future: By Robert Darnton, translated by Ghassan Shabaro; January 2010

2. The New Global Invisible College; the New Net between Re- searchers and Scientists: By Caroline S. Wagner, translated by Ahmad Haider; May 2010

3. The House of Wisdom: By Jonathan Lyons, translated by Mazin Jardally; 2010

4. The Brain; How it Develops and its Structure and Performance: By Norman Doidge, translated by Rafeef Ghadaar; late 2009

5. The Selfish Gene: By Richard Dawkins, translated by Tania Najiyya; September 2008

6.  Electronic  Brains:  By  Mike  Hally,  translated  by  Salah Hazeen; August 2008

7. Why does a Ball Bounce; and 100 other Scientific Issues: By Adam Hart – Davis, translated Raghida Tarraf and Ahmad Maghrabi; August 2008

8. Eureka; the Birth of Science: By Andrew Gregory, translated Amal Mansour; September 2008

9. Chaos Theory: An Unexpected Science: By James Gleick, translated by Ahmad Maghrabi; 2008

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