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Saud Albabtain Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies

    This Scholarship was established in 1974 with the aim of disseminating knowledge and providing assistance to students who face difficulties in continuing their education. It also encourages talented students to pursue higher studies and attain doctoral degrees from prestigious universities around the world.

    The Scholarship covers all expenses related to accommodation, education, air travel, residence, food, clothing, books, study materials, and medical care for these students throughout the period of the Scholarship.

    The Scholarship has a main centre in Cairo, which collaborates with Al-Azhar University and other Egyptian universities. Additionally, it has branches in the United States and several European countries.

    Annually, the Scholarship offers one hundred (100) scholarships to students from Islamic nations in Central Asia, fifty (50) scholarships to students from West and Central Africa, and various scholarships to students from Iraq, Palestine, Morocco, as well as the regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Andalusia in Spain.

    So far, the Scholarship has benefitted around eight thousand (8000) male and female students, including those currently studying and graduates.

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