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Dr. Ali Oqlah Irsan

Born in Syria, 1940.

Obtained a Ph.D. in Literature, 1993.

Director of Theaters and Music, 1969-1975.

Elected as the President of Artists and founded the Damascus Festival for Theatrical Arts, 1970-1975.

Appointed as the Assistant to the Minister of Culture and National Guidance, 1975-1976.

Elected as the Secretary-General of the General Union of Arab Writers and Authors until 2006.

Established several important journals, such as:

The Foreign Arts Magazine, 1974

The Arab Heritage Magazine, 1979

The Literary Week Magazine, 1989

The Political Thought Magazine, 1997

The Arab Literature Magazine, translated into English.

Elected as a Co-President of the National Council for Arab Culture - Rabat.

Appointed as an Assistant Secretary for the Arab Publishers Union.

Member of the Presidency Board of the Asian-African Writers' Association.

Corresponding member of the Arabic Language Academy in Damascus.

Holds memberships in various associations and unions of Arab writers.

Received the International ibn Sina Award.

Awarded the Ghassan Kanafani Award.

Awarded the Arts Order from the Russian Federation.

Has numerous theatrical works, in addition to a wealth of literary works, such as

"Studies in Arab Culture"

"Issues in Arab Culture"

"The Arab Intellectual and the Changes," 2006

"Our Culture and the Challenge - Our Discourse and the Discourse of the Era"

"Images and Biographies," 2004

"Jerusalem and the Right of Return," 2004

His poetry collections include:

"The Beach of Alienation"

"Chants of Alienation"

"Ursalem Al-Quds"

In addition to many other works in the fields of novels, cinema, and television.

Dr. Ali Oqlah Irsan
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