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Dr. Ibrahim Abdullah Ghalloum

Born in 1952 in Hidd, Bahrain.

Critic and literary historian.

Obtained Bachelor's degree from Al-Azhar University, Faculty of Arabic Language, Cairo, 1972.

Master's degree in Literature and Criticism from Cairo University, 1977.

Ph.D. in Literature and Criticism from Tunisian University, Faculty of Arts, 1983.

Appointed Head of the Arabic Language and Islamic Studies Department at the University of Bahrain since 1992.

Head of the Writers and Authors Association in Bahrain.

Editor-in-Chief of "Kalimat" magazine published in Bahrain.

Author of numerous books, research papers, and studies.

Among his Selected Works:

"The Short Story in the Arabian Gulf," 1981.

"Phenomena of the Theatrical Experiment in Bahrain," 1980.

"Theater and Social Change in the Arabian Gulf Countries," 1986.

"Culture and Cultural Communication in Arabian Gulf Societies," 1989.

"The Formation of the Theatrical Actor," 1990.

Dr. Ibrahim Abdullah Ghalloum
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