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Winners of the Best Diwan Award (Best Poetry Collection Award)

The First Edition 1990

The First Edition of the Best Diwan (Poetry Collection) Award was Jointly Given to:

Poet Muhammad Jawad Al-Ghaban

* Born in 1930 in Najaf, Iraq.

* He grew up in a household where  knowledge and literature were much appreciated and graduated from the College of Forum Publishing in Najaf.

* He completed his higher education studies in Cairo.

* He taught Arabic language and literature at the secondary and university levels.

* In the late 1950s, he published the monthly literary and cultural magazine "Al-Fikr" in Baghdad.

* He was a member of the first founding committee of the Iraqi Writers Union in Baghdad, the first Journalists' Union in Iraq, the Modern Literature Association in Cairo, and the Apollo Poetic Group.

* A weekly literary seminar is held at his home, attended by prominent writers and poets.

* He participated in numerous literary festivals and conferences.

* His poetry collections:

"Al-Amal" (Hope), 1953.

"Wahj Al-Shawq" (The Glow of Longing), 1955.

"Al-Mutanabbi Ba'd Alfi 'Aam" (Al-Mutanabbi After a Thousand Years), 1984.

"Anti Ahla" (You Are the Most Beautiful), 1984.

"Anti Aghla" (You Are the Most Precious), 1998.

* His works:

"Ja'far ibn Abi Talib."

* He received the Poetry Award from the Modern Literature Association in 1990.

* He has been written about by Zainab Mahmoud, Zaki Qunsul, and Rox Ben Zaid Al-Azizi.

* Winner of the Best Poetry Collection Award in the first edition of the Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation Award in Poetic Creativity, Cairo, 1990 (joint award).


Poet Khaleel Ibrahim Khalil Fawaaz

* Born in 1942 in the village of Al-Ussayrat in Sohag Governorate, Egypt.

* He obtained a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering from the Military Technical College in 1965.

* He also holds a diploma in Electronic Measurement Devices (1972), a diploma in Antenna Design from the Soviet Union (1974), a diploma in Personal Computers from Ain Shams University (1990), and a diploma from the London Institute of Administrative Sciences.

* He served as an engineering officer in the Egyptian armed forces and retired with the rank of Colonel in 1985.

* He currently works as a consulting engineer specializing in electronic measurement devices and has his own office.

* His poetry collections:

"Masr Al-Harb wa Al-Salam" (Egypt: War and Peace), 1979.

"Al-Ghorfa Al-Khaliya" (The Empty Room), 1980.

"Wajh Al-Hob Al-Qadeem" (The Face of Old Love), 1986.

"Rifqan Bi Qalbi" (Gently with My Heart), 1988.

"Qalbi Ana" (My Own Heart), 1992.

* His other creative works:

"Al-Nisr Al-Jasur" (The Valiant Eagle) - a novel, 1977.

* He has been written about by:

Mokhtar Al-Wakil, Ahmed Al-Salami, Nabil Ragheb, Abdulaziz Sharaf, Mohamed Fahmi Abdullatif, Nasr al-Din Abdullatif, Mohamed Jad Al-Banna, and Ahmed Mustafa Hafez.

* Winner (shared award) of the Best Poetry Collection Award in the first edition of the Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Foundation Award for Poetic Creativity - Cairo 1990.


The Second Edition 1991

The Second Edition of the Best Diwan (Poetry Collection) Award was Jointly Given to:

Poet Hassaan Ali Atwan

* Born in 1946 in the city of Deir ez-Zor, Syria.

* After completing his secondary education, he moved to Damascus and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Arabic language, followed by a Master's degree in literary criticism.

* He worked in Qatar as a media professional and publisher, and later became the director of Hassaan Atwan Publishing, Printing, and Distribution House in Damascus.

* His poetry collections:

"Dialogue on Neutral Ground with Abu Tayyib al-Mutanabbi," 1986.

"The Baptism of Blood," 1987.

* His works include:

"When the Gulf Shines," "The Face of Man," "The Theatrical Life in Qatar," "The Fine Arts Life in Qatar."

* He received the Arab Awareness Award in 1961, the University of Damascus Award in 1967, the Awards of the Universities of Damascus and Aleppo in 1968, the Syrian Universities Award in 1969, the Al-Sayab Award in 1969, Al-Shabiba Award in 1970, the Arab Poetry Award in 1981, and the Ibn Khafaja Award from the Spanish-Arab Institute in Madrid in 1985.

* Winner of the Best Diwan (Poetry Collection) Award in the second edition of the Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation Award for Poetic Creativity - Cairo 1991.


Poet Shawqi Ali Muhammad Haikal

* Born in 1942 in Abi Zaabal, Qalyubia Governorate, Egypt and passed away in 1998.

* Graduated from Dar Al-Ulum College in 1964, then obtained a diploma in public relations from the American University in Cairo, and a general diploma in education from Ain Shams University.

* He worked as a teacher from 1965 until 1987, then moved to work for the Ministry of Culture and served as a literary advisor in the publishing department of the Egyptian General Book Authority.

* Served as the editor-in-chief of "Al Masrah" (Theatre) magazine, secretary of the editorial board of "Alam Al-Fikr" magazine, and head of the literary page in the Egyptian newspaper "Al-Haqiqa."

* He is member of the Writers Union in Egypt, and a member of the board of directors of the Contemporary Literature and Thought Association, Modern Literature Association, Al-Qasid Club, Arab Association for Arts, Culture, and Media, and chairman of the board of the Akkad Literary Association.

* His poetry collections:

"Kibraya" (Pride), 1979.

"Zilal wa 'Uyun" (Shadows and Eyes), 1982.

"Rihlah ila 'Aynayn" (Journey to Two Eyes), 1988.

* His works include:

"Children's Literature: Its History and Texts."

"Teaching Children through Song in Arabic Poetry."

"With Al-Aqqad in His Home."

* He received the Highest Appreciation Certificate from the Supreme Council of Culture in 1980, and the Poetry Award for Educational Anthems and Songs in 1982.


Poet Ismail Ghorab

* Born in1946 in Mahallet Beshr village, Beheira Governorate, Egypt.

* After completing high school, he enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering at Alexandria University and obtained a bachelor's degree in civil engineering.

* He served in the military until 1977, then worked as an engineer at the Housing Directorate in Matrouh Governorate.

* He participated in numerous local and Arab poetry festivals and published his poetic and literary works in specialized journals.

* His poetry collections:

"Khutwat al-Amal al-Ma'sub" (Steps of Blind-Folded Hope), 1979.

"Min Wahy Einaiha" (Inspired by Her Eyes), 1983.

"Hiya wal-Bahr" (She and the Sea), 1989.

"Hadith al-Mawj lil-Sokhour" (The Conversation of the Wave with Rocks), 1998.

* His other creative works:

"Mohakamat al-Mughanni" (The Trial of the Singer) - poetic play, 1996.

"Ta'sheera Khoruj" (Exit Visa) - poetic play, 1996.

* He received the first prize in the Creativity Competition in 1989, the First Award in the Popular Culture Theater Festival in 1991, and an appreciation certificate from the Greek Poetry Festival in 1991.

* Authors who wrote about him:

Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Hadara, Dr. Mohamed Zaki El-Ashmaawy, Dr. Abdulaziz Sharaf, Dr. Fawzi Issa, Dr. Zaghlool Salam, Abdulfattah El-Baroudi, Jalal El-Ashry.



The Third Edition 1992

The Third Edition of the Best Diwan (Poetry Collection) Award was Given to:

Poet Hassan Fath Al-Bab Hassan

* He was born  in 1923 in Cairo.

* He obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1947, a Master's degree in Political Science in 1960, and a Ph.D. in International Law in 1976.

* He worked as a police officer and retired with the rank of brigadier general in 1976.

* After retirement, he spent ten years in Algeria, during which he worked as a professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Oran.

* He is a member of the Poetry Committee in the Supreme Council of Culture, the Writers' Union, the Writers Association, and the International Law Association.

* His poetry collections:

"Min Wahy Port Sa'id" (Inspired by Port Said), 1975.

"Fares al-Amal" (Knight of Hope), 1965.

"Madinat al-Dukhan wa al-Dumma" (City of Smoke and Puppets), 1967.

"Ayun Manar" (Eyes of a Lighthouse), 1971.

"Hubna Aqwa min al-Mawt" (Our Love is Stronger than Death), 1975.

"Amwajan Yantashirun" (Spreading Like Waves), 1997.

"Mu'azafat al-Haris al-Sajin" (Melodies of the Imprisoned Guard), 1980.

"Ru'ya ila Filastin" (A Vision Towards Palestine), 1980.

"Warda Kuntu fi al-Nil Khaba'itha" (A Rose I Hid in the Nile), 1985.

"Mawawil al-Nil al-Muhajir" (Ballads of the Migrating Nile), 1987.

"Ahdaq al-Jiyad" (The Pupils of Horses), 1990.

"Al-A'mal al-Kamilah" (The Complete Works), 1995.

"Al-Khuruj min al-Janub" (Exiting from the South), 1999.

* His other works include:

"Ru'ya Jadida fi Sh'orna al-Qadima" (A New Vision in Our Ancient Poetry), "Shi'r al-Shabab fi al-Jaza'ir bayn al-Waqi' wa al-Afaq" (Youth Poetry in Algeria between Reality and Horizons), "Shair wa Thawra" (Poet and Revolution).

* He received the October 6th Poetry Award from the Ministry of Culture and the Writers' Union of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

* Authors who wrote about him:

Mohamed Mandour and Abdelqader El-Qat.


The Fourth Edition 1994

The Fourth Edition of the Best Diwan (Poetry Collection) Award was Jointly Given to:

Poet Ahmed El-Sayyed Ahmed Ghorab

* Born on October 1st, 1952, in Egypt.

* At an early age, he attended the private primary Coptic School in Port Said, then graduated from the Faculty of Engineering (Civil Department) at Alexandria University in 1972 with honors. He later joined the Military Technical College and graduated as an engineering officer in the Armed Forces until he retired in early 1994.

* After retirement, he devoted himself to the study and creation of poetry.

* He produced several cultural programs on Arab television, including the program "Poet and Poem."

* His poetry has been the subject of analysis, interpretation, and criticism by various Arab critics, including Dr. Taher Meki and Dr. Abdelqader El-Qat, among others.

* He participated in numerous literary festivals in Jordan, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.

* His works include:

"A'asayir" (Hurricanes), 1983.

"Al-Sha'ir wa al-Madina" (The Poet and the City), 1984.

"Al-Malak al-Ramadi" (The Gray Angel), 1988.

"Nuqush 'ala Jidar al-Samt" (Inscriptions on the Wall of Silence), 1992.

"Al-'Azf 'ala Awtar al-Rih" (Playing on the Strings of the Wind), 1995.


Poet Khaled Mohy El-Din El-Baradei

* Born in the village of Yabrud in 1934, north of Damascus, Syria.

* He studied the Holy Quran and memorized most of its chapters at the age of six.

* He enrolled in primary school and excelled to secure a free seat at Joudat Al Hashem High School in Damascus in 1984. However, due to difficult living conditions, he left school and took up a manual profession to support his parents and younger siblings.

* He joined the military service between 1954 and 1956.

* He migrated to Kuwait in 1959 and actively participated in Kuwaiti journalism as a writer and poet until his return to Syria. He worked for Kuwaiti various newspapers, including Al-Qabas, Al-Ra'i Al-Aam, Al-Watan, Al-Risalah, and Al-Bayan.

* He participated, along with others, in the establishment of the Arab Writers Union in 1969 and took part in numerous literary and intellectual conferences and gatherings in Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco.

* Some of his works have been translated into French, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, and English.

* Many Arab and international critics have analyzed and commented on his theatrical, poetic, and critical productions, including Professor Jacques Berque (France), Professor Pedro Martínez (Spain), Professor Emil Mekitenga (Ukraine), Dr. Zaki Najib Mahmoud, thinker Anton Al-Maqdisi, Dr. Ehsan Abbas, Dr. Naeem Al-Yafi, and others.

* His Published Works and Their Places of Publication:

"Damar Aashiqan" (Lover's Destruction) - poetic play - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Al-Arsh wal Azra'a" (The Throne and the Virgin) - poetic play - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Joudar wal Kanz" (Joudar and the Treasure) - poetic play - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Al-Salam Yahasar Qurtaja" (Peace Besieges Qurtaja) - poetic play - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Hisan Al-Abanos" (The Stallion of Abanos) - poetic play - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Orse Al-Sham" (The Levant’s Wedding) - poetic play - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Ashbah Sina" (Ghosts of Sinai) - poetic play - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Al-Moutamar Al-Akhir Li-Molook Al-Tawa'if" (The Last Conference of the Sect Kings) - poetic play - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Jazeera Al-Tuyour" (The Island of Birds) - poetic play - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Al-Emperatour Zemskis" (Emperor Zemskis) - poetic play - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Makashafat Aisha" (Aisha's Revelations) - poetic play - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Al-Nabuwa" (Prophecy) - poetic play - Egypt - General Authority for Books

"Asfar Sayf bin Dhi Yazan" (The Travels of Sayf bin Dhi Yazan) - poetic play - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Al-Jarad" (The Locust) - play - Libya - Popular Press House

"Al-Sheikh Bahlool fi Souq Al-Khayatine" (Sheikh Bahlool in the Tailors' Market) - play - Libya - Popular Press House

"Al-Sheikh Bahlool fi Al-Masrah" (Sheikh Bahlool in the Theater) - play - Libya - Popular Press House

"Al-Sheikh Bahlool fi Al-Sijn" (Sheikh Bahlool in Prison) - play - Beirut - Lebanon

"Al-Wahsh" (The Beast) - poetic play - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Abu Hayan Al-Tawhidi" - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Hikayat Al-Amira Janan" (The Tales of Princess Janan) - poetry - Damascus - Talaas Publishing House

"Starting From June" - poetry - Kuwait

"Anasheed Lil-Ansar" (Anthem for the Supporters) - poetry - Kuwait

"Rasa'il Ila Sayyida Gharibah" (Letters to a Strange Lady) - poetry - Tunisia - Tunisian Publishing House

"Al-Ghanah Bayn Al-Sufun Al-Ta'ihah" (Singing Among Lost Ships) - poetry - Baghdad - Ministry of Information

"Pictures on the Exile Wall" - poetry - Beirut - Lebanon - Al-Taleea Publishing House

"Al-Qobla min Shafat Al-Sayf" (A Kiss on the Lips of Swords) - poetry - Damascus - Ministry of Culture

"Hikayat ila Imra'a min Yabrud" (Tales to a Woman from Yabrud) - poetry - Kuwait - Al-Risalah Publishing House

"Qasaid fi Al-Nidal wal Hubb" (Poems of Struggle and Love) - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Tada'eyat Al-Mutanabbi" (The Repercussions of Al-Mutanabbi) - poetry - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Al-Hubb Lugati" (Love is My Language) - Egypt - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Qasaid lil-Ard Qasaid lil-Habiba" (Poems for the Land, Poems for the Beloved) - poetry - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Abdullah wal Alam" (Abdullah and the World) - poetry - Damascus - Al-Arabi Publishing House

"Al-Ghinaa Al-Abadi" (Eternal Singing) - criticism - Damascus - Ministry of Culture

"Khususiyat Al-Masrah Al-Arabi" (Characteristics of Arab Theater) - criticism - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Huzail Al-Qabeela fi Shihriha" (Huzail; the Tribe in its Poetry) - criticism - Libya - Arab House for Books

"Al-Ibda' min Al-Ru'ya Al-Qawmiyya ila Al-Manzour Al-Insani" (Creativity from National Vision to Human Perspective) - criticism - Libya - Arab House for Books

"Talakhis Kitab Al-Zahrah li Ibn Dawood Al-Isfahani" (Summary of the Book of ‘Flower’ by Ibn Dawood Al-Isfahani) - revision, introduction, and summary - Damascus - Ministry of Culture

"Tadawudiyat Al-Namat fi Al-Shi'r Al-Jahili" (The Varieties of Style in Pre-Islamic Poetry) - Damascus - Libya - Marrakech

"Ostorat Al-Tifl Al-Mukhlis" (The Legend of the Loyal Child) - study on revolutionary poetry - Marrakech - National Council for Arab Culture

"Dirasat fi Al-Shi'r Al-Mu'asir" (Studies in Contemporary Poetry) - Beirut - Lebanon - Al-Adab Publishing House

"Min Humum Al-Masrah" (From the Concerns of Theater) - criticism - Damascus - Arab Writers Union

"Al-Tariq Ila Al-Asr Al-Hajari" (The Road to the Stone Age) - play - Damascus - Arab Writers Union.


The Sixth Edition 1998

The Sixth Edition of the Best Diwan (Poetry Collection) Award was Jointly Given to:

Poet Shawqi Gamal Baghdadi

* Born in 1928 in the coastal city of Baniyas, Syria.

* He completed his higher education at the Faculty of Arts in Damascus and the College of Education together in 1951.

* He worked in secondary education in Syria and Algeria.

* He is now an independent writer.

* He began writing poetry and short stories since he was a secondary school student.

* After graduating, he participated in the establishment of the "Syrian Writers' Association." When some Arab writers joined, it became the "Arab Writers' Association," and he was chosen as its Secretary-General, a position he held from 1954 until late 1958.

* In the late 1960s, he contributed to the establishment of the "Arab Writers' Union" and then traveled to Algeria after the setback of 1967 to work in teaching as part of the Arabization campaign, where he spent five years and then returned to resume his literary activities.

* He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Writers' Union in Syria for four consecutive terms and eventually became a member of the Executive Bureau of the Union.

* He currently holds the position of Editor-in-Chief of the "Literary Standpoint" magazine published by the Union.

* Creative Works:

He has numerous poetry collections, including: "More Than One Heart" (1955), "Between the Pillow and the Neck" (1974), "A Voice the Size of the Mouth" (1974), "Poems That Do Not Love" (1978), "The Vision of John the Damascene" (1991), and "Something Concerning the Soul" (1996).

* He has also written many other creative works in the field of novels, short stories, as well as poetic stories for children.

* Awards:

First prize for poetry and short story from the Critics' Magazine in Damascus.

First prize for National Anthems.

Arab Writers' Union Award for the best poetry collection in 1981.


The Seventh Edition 2000

The Seventh Edition of the Best Diwan (Poetry Collection) Award was Given to:

Poet Dr. Abdullatif Abdulhalim

* He was born  in 1945 in the province of Menoufia in Egypt.

* He memorized the Holy Quran while still in elementary school and obtained the Al-Azhar Secondary Certificate in 1966.

* He then joined Dar Al-Ulum College and graduated in 1970, obtaining a master's degree in 1974.

* He later traveled to Spain on a scholarship to the University of Madrid in 1976, where he obtained a bachelor's and master's degree (again) in 1978, and a State PhD (specializing in comparative literature) in 1983.

* He worked as a professor of Arabic literature at Dar Al-Ulum College, and as a professor at Sultan Qaboos University.

* He is currently the head of the Department of Literary Studies at Dar Al-Ulum College - Cairo University.

* He has given lectures at the American University, the College of Media, the Higher Military Academy, the College of Arabic and Islamic Studies in Fayoum, and the Radio Training Institute.

* He represented Egypt at the Fourth World Poetry Festival in Ivory Coast in 1986, and the World Poets Festival in Peru, Lima University in 1998.

* Some of his poems have been translated into Spanish, French, and Italian.

* He served as the chairman of the Akkad Literary Association for four years.

* He is a member of the Poetry Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture, the Literary and Linguistic Studies Committee, and the Committee for Granting State Encouragement Awards in Literary Criticism.

* He is a member of Specialized National Councils, the Comparative Literature Association, and the Writers Union of Egypt.

* He is a member of the Higher Academy of Iberian Studies in Portugal.

* Awards:

He received the State Encouragement Award for Creative Translation in 1987, the Order of Merit, First Class, from the Presidency of the Republic in 1987, the Poetry Award from Yamani Cultural Foundation in 1996, and the Ibn Turki Foundation Award (Saudi Arabia) for Poetry Translation.

* His Works:

First, poetry:

"Fear of Rain" in 1974,

"Lazumiat and Other Poems" in 1985,

"The Roaring of Silence" in 1987,

"The Recited Maqams" in 1989,

"Songs of the Andalusian Lover" in 1992,

"Flower of Fire" in 1998.

Second, studies, translations, and investigations:

"Al-Mazini as a Poet" in 1994,

"Post-Diwan Poets" in four parts in 1995 and 1997,

"Literature and Criticism" in 1994,

"In Contemporary Omani Poetry" in 1995,

"Critical Studies in Poetry, Short Stories, and Novels" in 1995,

"Count Luqanur: A Study and Translation" in 1995,

"Two Rings for a Lady by Antonio Gala: From World Theater" in 1984,

"Five Andalusian Plays by Antonio Gala," "Selected Poems from Spain and Latin America - Selections and Study" in 1987,

"Maqamat and Andalusian Letters by Orientalist Fernando de la Granja, 1997,

"Arab Influences in Spanish Tales, by Fernando de la Granja", 1994."

"Andalusian Chapters in Literature, Criticism, and History" by a group of Spanish writers in 1988,

"Two Hearts and a Shadow" by Ignacio Aldicua in 1992,

"Gardens of Al-Azhar" by Ibn Asim al-Gharnati - an investigation and study.

* Many writers and critics have written about him, including Ahmed Abdel-Moati Hegazi, Sami Khashaba, Samih Korayem, Ahmed Kashk, Abdul Aziz Sharaf, Pedro Martinez Montavez, Jose Batekh, Abdul Aziz Al-Dasouqi, Abdul Razzaq Al-Basir, Taher Maki, Shukri Ayyad, Farouk Shousha, Raja Al-Naqash, Mohamed Abu Al-Anwar, Helmi Al-Qaoud, and Walid Munir.


Poet Muhammad Al-Qaisi

* Born in Kafr 'Aana in Palestine in 1944 and passed away in 2003.

* He obtain ned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arabic Language and Literature from Beirut in 1971.

* Professional Life:

Kuwait 1965-1970: Writer of cultural programs, "The Weekly Drama," and "The Evening Drama," as well as an editor in the news department of Kuwait Radio and a journalist for the newspapers "Akhbar Al Kuwait" and "Al Siyasa."

Saudi Arabia 1971-1973: Editor and writer for "Al-Yawm" newspaper in Dammam and also worked in the field of teaching.

Kuwait 1973-1975: Cultural editor and editor of the Palestinian issue page in "Al-Qabas" newspaper.

Libya 1975-1977: Worked in the field of education as well as in writing for radio and television in Benghazi.

Jordan 1977-1982: Supervisor, editor, and presenter of the weekly cultural program "Al-Multaqa Al-Thaqafi" on Jordanian television, also worked in the Jordanian press.

Jordan 1982-1986: Devoted himself to writing radio and television programs for private production companies, as well as drama, where he wrote screenplays and dialogues for numerous television and cinematic works.

Since 1986: Devoted himself to literary writing and poetic production.

* His works include:

"Rayya fi al-Rih" (A Banner in the Wind) - poetry - Damascus (D.N) 1968.

"Khamasiyat al-Mawt wal-Hayah" (Quintet of Death and Life) - poetry - al-Awda Publishing House, Beirut 1971.

"Riyah Azaldeen al-Qassam" (The Winds of Izzeldin Al-Qassaam) - poetry - Baghdad (D.N) 1974.

"Al-Haddad Yaliq bi-Haifa" (Mourning Befits Haifa) - poetry - Beirut: al-Adab Publishing House 1975.

"Ina' Li-Azhar Sara, Za'tar Li-Ayatamha" (A Vase for Sara’s Roses and Thyme for Her Orphans) - poetry - Beirut: Ibn Rushd Publishing House 1979.

"Ishta'alat Abdullah wa Ayyamuh" (Abdullah's Ignitions and His Days) - poetry - Beirut: Ibn Rushd Publishing House 1979.

"Aghani al-Ma'mura" - (Songs of the Earth) - (poems for boys) - Amman: al-Ofoq al-Jadid Publishing House, 1982.

"Fi Hawa Filastin" - (In the Love of Palestine) - (poems for boys) Amman: al-Ofoq al-Jadid Publishing House, 1983.

"Arkhabeel al-Masarat al-Mayta" (Archipelago of Dead Delights) (Ground Psalms) - Amman: (D.N) 1982.

"Kam Yalzam min Mawt Linakun Ma'an" (How Much Death is Required to Be Together) - poetry - Damascus: Arab Writers’ Union, 1983.

"Kitab al-Fidha" (The Book of Silver) - poetry - Department of Cultural Affairs, Baghdad 1968.

"Al-Wuquf fi Jarash" (Standing in Jarash) - poetry - Amman (D.N), Baghdad 1968.

"Manazil fi al-Afq" (Houses on the Horizon) - poetry - Damascus (D.N) 1986.

"Al-Hawa' al-Muqanna" (The Masked Air - 15 Years in Zionist Detention) Tunis (D.N) 1986[ap1] .

"Kull Ma Hunalik" (Everything There Is) - poetry - Beirut: al-Awda Publishing House, 1986[ap2] .

"(Al-A'mal al-Shi'riyah 46-48)" (Poetic Works 46-48) - Beirut: Arab Institute for Studies and Publishing, 1987, including the first nine collections.

"A'zif al-Shawari'" (Street Musician) -  poetry - Amman: al-Karmel Publishing House, 1987.

"Kitab Hamda" (The Book of Hamdah) - poetry - Beirut: Arab Institute for Studies and Publishing 1988.

"Shatat al-Wahid" (The Dispersal of the Solitary) - poetry - Beirut: Arab Institute for Studies and Publishing 1989.

"Mudhi'ah bi-Jamaliha wa Mudhi'an Ana bi-Huzni" (Illuminated by Her Beauty and I am Illuminated by My Sorrow) - poetry - Paris: al-Mutanabbi Publishing House, 1990.

"A'ilat al-Mashah" (Family of Pedestrians) - (text) - Amman: Aibal Book House, 1990.

"Majnoon 'Abs" (Madman of 'Abs) - poetry - Amman: Ministry of Culture 1991.

"Kulla Hathal Bahaa wa Kullu Shafif" (All This Splendor and All This Delicacy) - poetry - Paris: al-Mutanabbi Publishing House, 1992.

"Al-Muqadd wa al-Lahab" (The Hearth and the Flame - My Life in Poetry) Amman: Ministry of Culture 1994.

"Sadaqat al-Reeh" (Friendship of the Wind) - poetry - Amman (D.N) 1993.

"Azhabow Li’ara Wajhi" (I go to See My Face) - poetry - Beirut - (D.N), 1995.

"Marathy Ogharitte" (Elegies of Ugarit) - poetry - Beirut (D.N), 1996.

"Nay Ala Ayamina" (Flute on Our Days) - poetry - Arab Institute for Studies and Publishing 1996.

"Kitab Al-Ibn - Seerat Al-Tard wa Al-makan" (Book of The Son) - Beirut, 1997.

"Tholathiyat Hamdah - Kitab Hamdah, Kitab Al-Ibn, Kitab Oghareet" (Trilogy of Hamda - Book of Hamdah - Book of the Son - Book of Ugarit) Beirut, 1997.

"Ma’o Al-Qalb" (Water of the Heart) - poetry - Palestine, 1998.

"Makhtutat al-Musiqa al-A'ma" (Manuscripts of Blind Music) - poetry - Beirut, 1999.

"Al-A'mal al-Shi'riyah" (Poetic Works Volume 1) Beirut 1999.

"Al-A'mal al-Shi'riyah" (Poetic Works Volume 2) Beirut 1999.

"Al-A'mal al-Shi'riyah" (Poetic Works Volume 3) Beirut 1999.


"Makhtut fi al-'Ishq" (Manuscript on Love - Selections) Cairo 2000.

"Al-Ayqunat wal-Konshirto" (Icons and Concerto) - poetry - Beirut, 2001.

"Munamimat Alisa" (Elissa's Whispers) - poetry - Beirut, 2002.

"Al-Da'abah al-Murrah (Moqarabat Al-Qasidah, Al-Mar’ah, Al-Manfah" (The Bitter Joke - Approaches to Poetry) Woman, Exile, Damascus, 2002.

"Abariq al-Bulur" (Crystal Pitchers - Desert Diaries) - Biography, Arab Institute 2002.

"Al-Hadiqah al-Sirriyah" (Secret Garden) al-Adab Publishing House, Beirut 2002.

* Awards:

Arar Literary Award presented by the Jordanian Writers Association for his overall works as a poet and writer in 1984.

Ibn Khafaja Award in Poetry, presented by the Arab Spanish Cultural Institute in Madrid for the best manuscript of an Arab Poetry Collection, awarded for his collection "Manazil fi al-Ofoq" (Houses on The Horizons) in 1985.


The Eighth Edition 2002

The Eighth Edition of the Best Diwan (Poetry Collection) Award was Given to:

Poet Dr. Abdullah Hammadi

* He was born in the city of Constantine, Algeria in 1947.

* Obtained Bachelor's degree in Arabic literature from the University of Constantine in 1972.

* Obtained Bachelor's degree in Spanish literature from the University of Granada, Spain in 1975.

* Obtained Master's degree in Andalusian literature from the University of Granada in 1976.

* Obtained Ph.D. in Andalusian literature from the Central University of Madrid, Spain in 1980.

* Joined the teaching staff at the University of Constantine in 1972 and obtained the rank of professor in 1982.

* Collaborating professor with the Spanish departments at both the University of Algiers and Oran, and currently with the Higher School of Teachers in Constantine.

* Collaborating professor with the University of Prince Abdelkader for Islamic Sciences in Constantine.

* Founder of the Spanish Department at the Language Institute of the University of Constantine.

* Director of the National Center for Studies and Research on the National Movement and the Revolution of November 1, 1954.

* Chairman of the Scientific Council and Higher Studies at the Institute of Arts from 1976 to 1978.

* Director of Culture for the Constantine Province from 1990 to 1993.

* Project leader in translation and comparative literature from 1991 to 2001.

* Editor-in-chief of the Algerian Writers' Union magazine "Al-Katib Al-Jazairi" (The Algerian Writer) from 1996 to 1998.

* President of the Algerian Writers' Union from 1996 to 1998.

* First Deputy President of the General Union of Arab Writers and Authors.

His works include:

"Conversocon et Olvido" published by La Buardia, Madrid, Spain in 1979.

"Migration to Southern Cities" in 1981.

"Gypsy Poems" in 1983.

" Love Has Taken Sides, Laila" with a theoretical introduction "Necessities of Modernity and Contemporaneity for the Vertical Poem" in 1985.

"The Barzakh and the Knife" in 1998, second edition in 2001.

"Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Pioneer of Magical Realism" in 1983.

"Approaches to the Great Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda" in 1985, second edition in 1986.

"Introduction to Contemporary Spanish Poetry" in 1985.

"Studies in Ancient Moroccan Literature" in 1986.

"Inquiries into Thought and Literature" in 1994.

"Voices from Modern Algerian Literature" in 2000, second edition in 2001.

"Arabic Poetry Between Tradition and Innovation" in 2001.

"Selections from Modern Algerian Poetry" published by the Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Prize for Poetic Creativity - Kuwait in 2001.

"Poetry in the Kingdom of Granada 1223-1492" in Spanish, Ph.D. thesis.

* His poetic and critical works have been the subject of several university theses and a commemorative book titled "The Authority of the Text in the Collection of 'The Barzakh and the Knife'" published by the University of Constantine in 2001.

* Some of his scientific research includes:

"Ten Poems by the Spanish Poet Vicente Aleixandre (Nobel laureate 1976)" in Al-Aqlam Magazine, Iraq, November 1975.

"A Reading of Fragments of Fariduddin Attar's Ordeals" by Al-Bayati, in Al-Aqlam Magazine, Iraq, 1980.

"Necessities of Modernity and Contemporaneity for the Vertical Poem" in Al-Thaqafa Wal-Thawra Magazine, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Algeria, 1981.

"Thirteen Poets from Today’s Andalusia" in Al-Aqlam Magazine, Iraq, April 1981.

"The Concept of Poetry in Pablo Neruda" in Al-Ro'ya Magazine, Algerian Writers' Union, Algeria, 1982.

"A Reading of the Ghazals of ibn Zaydun al-Andalusi" in Al-Safir Magazine, Morocco, 1988.

"Al-Mu'tamid ibn 'Abbad: The Symbolic Poet" in Al-Ma'rifa Magazine, Syria, October 1996.

"A Reading of the Poetry of Malik Haddad" in Al-Ma'rifa Magazine, February 2001.

"The Nature of Poetry" in Alamat Magazine for Criticism, March 1992, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

"Religion Separated from Poetry" in Nazwa Magazine, April 2001, Muscat, Oman.

"Sheikh Naim Al-Naimi... a Poet" in Al-Nasr Newspaper, March 16, 1973.

"The Poet Federico Garcia Lorca's Generation" in Al-Nasr Newspaper, Constantine, June 26, 1976.

"The Issue of Land in Mahmoud Darwish's Poetry" in Al-Nasr Newspaper, September 2, 1999.


The Ninth Edition 2004

The Ninth Edition of the Best Diwan (Poetry Collection) Award was Given to:

Poet Rabeh Lotfy Gomaa

* He was born on September 29, 1928, in Cairo and passed away in 2004.

* He graduated from the Faculty of Law at Fuad I University (currently Cairo University) in 1951.

* He began his career as a deputy to the Public Prosecutor.

* He progressed through judicial positions until his retirement in 1988, when he held the position of Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Constitutional Court.

* He has 2 collections of poetry:

"Hatab Al-Layl," (Night Firewood) published in 1997 by Alaa Al-Din Publishing House in Cairo, and it includes nearly eighty poems.

"Lidhikrak," (For Your Memory) published in 2003.

* The Egyptian Supreme Council for Culture published a poem of his, consisting of 150 verses, in 1962 as part of the "Al-Alf Kitab" (A Thousand Books) series.

* It was a strange coincidence that the poet passed away while the Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Foundation Award’s Judging Committee was on the process of making its decision to award him its prize in the category of Best Diwan Award (Poetry Collection). Therefore, the award was received on his behalf by Mr. Mustafa Saad from the Foundation’s office in Cairo.



The Tenth Edition 2006

The Tenth Edition of the Best Diwan (Poetry Collection) Award was Given to:

Poet Dr. Reda Belal Rajab

* He was born in 1952 in Annab village, Hama Governorate, Syria.

* He obtained his Master's degree from the Lebanese University in 1996.

* He obtained a Ph.D. in Arabic language and literature, with a thesis investigating “The book of Ibn Jinni titled ‘Al-Fasr: Explanation of the Diwan of AlMutanabi’”

* He worked in the teaching profession and later became the director of secondary schools in Hama. He then served as a member of the executive office of Hama Governorate and subsequently as the Director of Education in Hama since 1986.

* He became a member of the Arab Writers Union in Damascus in 1974.

* Some of his poetry collections include:

"Fi Dhilal Al-Sindyan" (In the Shade of the Cedars) in 1974.

"Dimashq Taqra' fi Sifr Nisan" (Damascus Reads in the Book of April) in 1975.

"Mahkum bil-Hubb" (Sentenced by Love) in 1979.

"Al-Mumkin wal Mustahil" (The Possible and the Impossible) in 1981.

"Sayf al-Dawla al-Arabi" (The Sword of the Arab State) in 1989.

"Asatir" (Myths) in 1994.

"Amir al-Azminah" (The Prince of Times) in 1995.

"Kitab Tishreen" (The Book of October) in 1997.

"Lidimashq Sayyidat al-Awasim" (To Damascus, the Lady of Capitals) in 1999.

"Annab" in 2003.


The Eleventh Edition 2008

The Eleventh Edition of the Best Diwan (Poetry Collection) Award was Given to:

Poet Yahia Al-Samawi

* He was born in 1949 in Samawah, Iraq.

* He holds a Bachelor's degree in Arabic literature from Al-Mustansiriya University in Iraq.

* He worked in teaching and journalism in both Iraq and Saudi Arabia before immigrating to Australia in 1997.

* He is a member of the Iraqi Writers Union.

* He is a founding member of the Iraqi Cultural Council.

* He is a member of the Arab Writers and Authors Union.

* He is a member of the World Poets Association.

* He has participated in numerous Arab and international literary festivals.

* He received the First Abha Award for Best Poetry Collection in 1993.

* Some of his poetry collections include:

"Ainak Dunya" (Your Eyes Are a World) in 1970.

"Qasa'id fi Zamani al-Sabi wal Bukaa" (Poems in the Time of Captivity and Weeping) in 1971.

"Qalbi 'ala Watan" (My Heart is for My Homeland) in 1992.

"Min Aghani al-Musharid" (From the Songs of the Exile) in 1993.

"Jarh Battisa' al-Watan" (A Wound as Wide as the Homeland) in 1994.

"Al-Ikhtiyar" (The Choice) in 1994.

"Ainak Li Watan wa Manfa" (Your Eyes, My Homeland and Exile) in 1995.

"Rubaiyat" in 1996.

"Hathihi Khaymati... Fa'ayna al-Watan" (This is My Tent... Where is the Homeland) in 1997.

"Atbaqtu Ajfani 'Alayk" (I Closed My Eyelids on You).

"Al-Ofoq Nafizati" (The Horizon is My Window).

"Zanabiq Bareyya" (Wild Lilies).

"Nuqush 'ala Jidh' Nakhla" (Inscriptions on a Palm Trunk).

* His poems have been published in numerous literary journals.


The Twelfth Edition 2010

The Twelfth Edition of the Best Diwan (Poetry Collection) Award was Given to:

Poet Ahmed Hassan Muhammad

* He was born in 1982 in Safur Village, Deirb Negm District, Sharqia Governorate, Arab Republic of Egypt.

* He graduated from the College of Education, Arabic Language Department, at Zagazig University in 2003.

* He works as an Arabic language teacher and a linguistic reviewer.

* Creative Works:

"Nghamat Mutqaata'ah 'ala Awtaar Mumazzaqah" (Intermittent Melodies on Torn Strings) - poetry collection, 2000.

"Madinat Sharq al-Wareed" (City East of the Vein) - poetry collection, 2009.

* He has received literary awards, including the Shield of Egyptian Universities and first place in the Sixth Week of University Youth Competition in 2003 for his poem "Ilyk Taghdu Nawarasi" (To You My Seagulls Soar).


The Thirteenth Edition 2013

The Thirteenth Edition of the Best Diwan (Poetry Collection) Award was Given to:

Poet Jassim Muhammad Ahmed Al-Suhayeh

* He was born in 1964 in the village of Al-Jufr in Al-Ahsa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

* After completing his intermediate school certificate, he studied for five years at Aramco, then he was sent on a scholarship to the United States of America for four years, where he obtained a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.

* His poetry collections include: "Thelli Khalifati Alikum" (My Shadow Is My Successor to You) 1993, "Raqsat 'Irfaniyah" (A Dance of Gratitude) 1998, "Hama'im Taknis Al-'Itmah" (Doves Sweeping Darkness) 1999, "Olympiad al-Jasad" (Olympics of the Body) 2000, "Inaaq Al-Shomoo’ wa Al-Domooa" (Hugs of Candles and Tears), "Naheeb Al-Abjadiya" (Wailing of the Alphabet), "A’shaash Al-Malaeka" (Angels Nests), and "Ma Wara Hangarat Al-Mughanni" (Beyond the Singer's Throat) in 2010.

* He has published a collection of his poems in the newspaper "Al-Yawm," which is published in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

* From Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Foundation for Poetic Creativity, he received its award for the Best Poem in 1998, and the Best Poetry Collection titled "Ma Wara Hangarat Al-Mughanni" (Beyond the Singer's Throat) in the 13th edition of the Foundation’s awards.



The Fourteenth Edition 2014

The Fourteenth Edition of the Best Diwan (Poetry Collection) Award was Given to:

Poet Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Munsif Al-Wihaiby

* He was born in Kairouan, Tunisia, on December 20, 1949.

* He is a professor at the College of Arts and Humanities in Sousse, Tunisia, and served as its chairman of the Master's Committee from 2011 to 2013.

* He is a member of the Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Letters, and Arts: Bayt al-Hikmah.

* Academic achievements:

He obtained his Ph.D. in Arabic literature with a thesis titled "The Craft of Poetry in Abu Tammam's Work and its Components: According to the Ancients and Within the Poetic Text" from the College of Arts in Manouba in 2006.

He holds a research specialization certificate (Doctorate, Level 3) on "The Visible Body and the Imagined Body in the Poetry of Adonis" from the College of Arts in Manouba, April 9, 1988.

He holds a research proficiency certificate on his thesis titled "The Sufi Experience of the Singular in the Form of Plural in the Poetry of of Adonis" from the College of Arts, April 9, 1985.

He obtained his professorship in Arabic language and literature from the College of Arts, April 9, 1972/1973.

* His poetry and literary works include:

"Alawāh" (Tablets) - a poetry collection published by Dar Sires, Tunisia, 1982.

"Min al-Bahr Tati al-Jibal" (Mountains Emerge from the Sea) - a poetry collection published by Dar Umaya, Tunisia, 1991.

"Makhtutat Timbuktu" (The Manuscript of Timbuktu) - a poetry collection, 1st edition by Dar Samid, Tunisia, 1998, 2nd edition by Dar Al-Yanabee, Damascus, 2004.

"Metafizīqā Wardat al-Ramal" (Metaphysics of the Sand Rose) - a poetry collection, Kairouan, 2000.

"Fahrist al-Hayawan" (The Animal's Index) - a poetry collection published by Dar Muhammad Ali, Tunisia, 2007.

"Kitab al-Asa" (The Book of the Stick) - a poetry collection published by Dar al-Nahda, Beirut, 2007.

"Ashya' al-Sayyida Allati Nasat An Takbar" (The Things of the Lady Who Forgot to Grow Up) - a poetry collection published by Dar al-Maha, Tunisia, 2009.

"Diwan al-Wahāyibi" - (Poetry Collection of al-Wahāyibi) a poetry collection published by Dar Muhammad Ali for Publishing, 1st edition, 2010.

"Diwan al-Sayyad al-Bahri" (The Poetry Collection of the Sea Hunting) - published by Manshourat Afāq Tunisia, 2013.

"Ashiqat Adam" (The Lover of Adam) - a novel from the series "Contemporary Eyes," introduced by Dr. Salah al-Din Bujah, awarded the Tunisian Golden Comar Prize, 2012.

* Other works:

"Tahta Burj al-Dalw" (Under the Aquarius) - a poetry book by the Swedish poet Osten Sjostrand, translated in collaboration with Mohammed Al-Ghazzi, published by Sires, Tunisia, 1984.

"Abnā' Quws Qazah" (Sons of the Rainbow) - a selection of modern Tunisian poetry published by the Yemeni Ministry of Culture, Sanaa, 2004.

"Ma Yanqis al-Akhdar Liyakun Shajarah" (What the Green Lacks to Become a Tree) and "Nakhlat al-Qairwan: Qasa'id min al-Shi'r al-Portughali al-Ma'asir" (The Date Palm of Kairouan: Poems from Contemporary Portuguese Poetry) by Rosa Alice Brinko - co-translated, Tunisia, 2012.

"La retournée" - a novel by Tunisian author Fawzia Zouari, translated from French, published by the National Center for Translation, Tunisia, 2009.

* He has made numerous contributions to literary and scientific forums in various Arab countries and Europe.



The Sixteenth Edition 2018

The Sixteenth Edition of the Best Diwan (Poetry Collection) Award was Given to:

Poet Ahmed Antar Moustafa

* He was born in Egypt.

* He worked as an investigator and researcher at the General Authority for Books in the Publishing Department.

* He worked as an editor and writer for the Kuwaiti magazine "Al-Arabi" during its early years of publication from Cairo in the early 1990s.

* He served as the head of the literary department of the Iraqi magazine "Afaq Arabiya" in Baghdad during the 1980s.

* He established the Talaat Harb Cultural Center at the Cultural Development Fund and was its first director.

* Publications by him:

"The Tragedy of the Third Face."

"Mirrors of the Darkened Era."

"Warm Songs on Ice."

"The One Who Never Dies."

"The Tale of Hanging Cities."

"A Final Visit to the Family's Cellar."

"The Alphabet of Death and Revolution."

"Mariam Remembers."

"A Sun for Another Sky."

"Complete Poetic Works" (3 volumes).

* He has also published collections of children's poetry under the title "Arwa Says" including: "Butterflies of Questions," "The Rose and the Bird," "The Chaos of the Beautiful Time," "The Rose Asks," and "The Princess of Dreams."

* He has also published critical studies, including:

"Stringed Beings: Studies on Egyptian and Arab Poets" (two volumes).

"A Drop of Light: Studies in Arab Heritage."

"Shawqiyat Al-Ghinaa: A Study on Shawqi's Relationship with Singing and His Poems Sung by Male and Female Singers."

"Strings of Ancient Melodies: Literary Studies and Articles."


The Seventeenth Edition 2020

The Seventeenth Edition of the Best Diwan (Poetry Collection) Award was Jointly Given to:

Poet Abdulaziz bin Khalifa bin Muhammad Al-Hammami

* Born in Kairouan, Tunisia in 1952.

* He serves as Assistant Director at the House of Poetry in Kairouan.

* He obtained a degree from the Higher Institute of Journalism and News Sciences in Tunisia.

* Literary and poetic works:

"Abjadiyat Al-Maa wa Al-Remal" (The Alphabet of Water and Sand) (2011).

"Masafat Ghamidah" (Mysterious Distances) (2015).

"Hadeel Al-Ghaimah" (The Cooing of the Cloud) (2017).


Poet Abdullah Abdulaziz Abdulaziz Al-Shurbaji

* Born in Gharbia Governorate, Arab Republic of Egypt in 1968.

* Studied Arabic language and literature at the Faculty of Dar Al-Ulum, Cairo University, and then at the Faculty of Arts, Tanta University.

His poetry collections include:


"Al-Hobb fi Ainaiki" (Love in Your Eyes)

"Imra’ah min Asal wa Naar" (A Woman of Honey and Fire)

"Ash’hadow alla Habibatan Ghairoki" (I Bear Witness that there is no Beloved But You)

"Abana Allazi fi Al-Saidaliyat" (Our Father, Who is in Pharmacies)

"Howa Naqi Heya Tazijah Jiddan" (He is Pure, She is Very Fresh)

"Thany Oxeed Al-Samt" (Carbon Dioxide of Silence)

"Abou Lahab Ya’tani bi Azafirih" (Abou Lahab Cares for His Nails)

"Yakado Samtoha Yodhee’" (Her Silence Almost Illuminates)

"Abu Al-Tayyib Al-Masri" (The Egyptian Abou Al-Tayyib) (in five parts)


The Eighteenth Edition 2022

The Eighteenth Edition of the Best Diwan (Poetry Collection) Award was Given to:

The Poetess Rawdha Al-Hajj Muhammad Othman

* She was born in Kassala City - Sudan.

* Academic Qualifications:

Bachelor's degree in Arabic Language and Literature, University of Nileen.

Higher Diploma in Media, University of Khartoum.

Pre-Master's in Criticism and Literature, University of Omdurman Islamic.

Master's degree in Media, University of Khartoum.[ap1] 

* Publications:

She has many poetry collections, including:

"Ish Lil Qaseed" (Live for Poetry) (seven editions[ap2] )

"Fi Al-Sahel Ya’tarif Al-Qalb" (The Heart Confesses on the Coast) (five editions[ap3] )

"Qasa’ed Ka’annaha Laisat Lee" (Poems as if They Are Not Mine) (two editions)

"Izz Hamma Mataro Al-Kalam" (When the Rain of Words Starts)

"Sha’eraat min Al-Sudan" (Female Poets from Sudan)

"Kaatibat min Al-Sudan" (Female Writers from Sudan)

* Upcoming publications:

"A Square Earth Ball" - a collection of poetry for children.

"Tamahayan" - a poetry collection.

"Link of Estrangement" - prose writings.

"Selected Works of Rawdha Al-Hajj."

"Hawajir" - a novel.

Poetic play titled "Free Granada."

* Awards:

Fourth place in the "Prince of Poets" program, Abu Dhabi TV, first edition.

Best Interviewer Award from the Cairo Radio and Television Festival, 2004.

Poetess of Okaz Award, 2012.

Voted as the Best Arab Poetess in the Poetry News Agency poll, 2008.

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