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World Forum for Culture of Peace

The foundation launched its strategy for sustainable peace in the year of 2017, as it was a demanding time for the global advocacy for Culture of peace, also because the world was and still is in emergencies.  2020 is the year of continuity of activities for the dissemination of Culture of peace.  For sure More leaders, intellectuals, institutions, organizations and states, friends, and communities are determined to work with us, and to be willingly involved in the Foundation concrete project “Culture of Peace for the security of the Future generations”, which Mr. Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain, as Chairman of the Foundation, presented in two consecutive sessions to the United Nations General Assembly on 7 September 2017 and 5 September 2018.

The Project is based on two main pillars: The first is teaching the culture of peace. It requires that all actors of the international community commit themselves to introducing special lessons on Culture of Peace to their educational programs and materials, starting from kindergarten and on to primary education, high school and university.

For that reason, the foundation prepared and published 17 “Manuals” to teach the culture of peace (from kindergarten to elementary schools, high schools and universities). These educational manuals  were presented to the international community within the different activities of the “World Forum for Culture of Peace” organized by the Albabtain Cultural Foundation on June 13, 2019, at the International Court of Justice (Palace of Peace) in the Hague, Netherlands.

Such an event represents another truly worthy achievement of the foundation and the father Founder Mr. Albabtain who, successful in his business ventures, dedicated himself to literature, to poetry, and to the furtherance of the idea of humankind living together in harmony, respect and understanding, which lie at the heart of Culture of Peace.

Abdulaziz Albabtain is a peaceful voice from the Arab World, passionately furthering an ambitious project to create an international community - within our reach - where we all together jointly assert our “common commitment” for the “security of future generations” by providing them with an educational formation in Culture of Peace.

The second is the World Forum for Culture of Peace. It is, in fact, a rapid response mechanism for culture of peace. This forum, initially, had corresponded with the year, 2019, which marked the 20th anniversary of the UN Declaration and Programme of Action on Culture of Peace. The Culture of Peace and Non-violence as advanced by UNESCO includes a commitment to promote conflict prevention; peace education and education for non-violence; tolerance, acceptance, and mutual respect; and intercultural and interfaith dialogue and reconciliation, among other principles.

The World Forum for Culture of Peace, organized yearly by the Albabtain Cultural Foundation, is bringing together leaders, high-level officials from government and international organizations, academics, and members of civil society to discuss the Culture of Peace within education, and the protection of humanity.

Participants are invited to discuss how can peace education best be incorporated into the post-conflict plans for sustaining peace? How can investment in post-conflict reconstruction and recovery best assist societies with the long-term protection of their cohesion? And how will this help build an inclusive, sustainable peace?

 Discussions should provide analysis on how to make the culture of peace a practical and tangible reality, suggested concrete projects, and identified real solutions to current challenges.

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