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Session 3:
Mahmoud Sami Al-Baroudi Session, Cairo, 12-14-December 1992

          Before convening this session, the Board of Trustees considered a way to develop the work so that the ceremony was not restricted to awarding prizes. Therefore, the Board decided to dedicate each session to a great Arab poet in order to commemorate them and to launch an intellectual seminar about such poets. So, the Board decided to name the third session after the poet Mahmoud Sami Al-Baroudi, the pioneer of Arab poetry revival.

          The ceremony, in which the prizes were awarded, was held at the Opera House in Cairo, under the auspices of the Egyptian Minister of Culture Mr. Farouq Hosni. A large number of Arab poets and writers attended the ceremony.

The prizes were awarded as follows:

1. Poetic Creativity Prize, valued at US$ 30,000 (US Dollars thirty thousand), was won by the Tunisian poet Mohyeddin Khuraif for his complete poetic works.

2. Poetry Criticism Prize, valued at US$ 20,000 (US Dollars twenty thousand), was won jointly by the Egyptian critics Raja Al-Nakkash and Dr. Maher Hassan Fahmi for their complete critical works.

3. The Best Poetry Diwan Prize, valued at US$ 10,000 (US Dollars ten thousand), was won by the Egyptian poet Dr. Hassan Fath Al-Bab for his diwan Ahdaq Al-Jiyad «Horses’ Eyes».

4. The Best Poem Prize, valued US$ 5,000 (US Dollars five thousand» was won jointly by both the Egyptian poet Hassan Tawfiq for his poem «Sinbad and the New Voyage» and the Omani poet Seif Ibn Mohammed Al-Ramadhani for his poem Makhadh Al-Qaseeda «A Poem in Labor».

          * A three-day seminar regarding thought was held on the sidelines of the prize awarding ceremony. The seminar was di- vided into two parts; the first tackled the works of the great poet Mahmoud Sami Al-Baroudi, whereas the second was devoted to research related to contemporary Arab poems, in addition to discussing issues about poetry and its criticism. A large number of poets, writers and critics participated.

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