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Session 14:
“Abu Tammam Al-Ta‘I Session” & the Celebration of the Foundation’s Silver Jubilee, Marrakesh, 21-23 October, 2014:

          Under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, of Morocco, the Foundation of Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain’s Prize for Poetic Creativity has organized its fourteenth session, “Abu Tammam Al-Ta’i”, as well as celebrating the Foundation’s Silver Jubilee, in Marrakech from 21 to 23 October 2014.

          The opening ceremony was held on Tuesday October 21, 2014, at 6 pm with the presence of H.E Mr. Abdul Salam Picrate, governor of Marrakech, as well as a group of eminent political and intellectual figures and prominent media personalities, who were representing heads of states, media and prominent academic institutions from several countries of the world. The Chairman of the Foundation and members of the board of trustees attended, amid distinct media coverage involving group of Satellite TV channels, Arab and foreign newspapers and news agencies. Around 300 guests, from outside of Morocco, were invited to attend the 13th session.

The prizes were awarded as follows:

- The Best poem, with value of US$ 10.000, was won equally by Yemeni poet Ahmed Ali al-Jahmi and Egyptian poet Samir Faraj.

- The best collection of poems, with value of US$ 20.000, was won by Tunisian poet Dr. Al-Monsef Al- Wahaibi.

- The Creativity award in criticism of poetry, with value of US$ 40.000, was won by the Jordanian critic Dr. Youssef Abu-Aladous.

- The Honorary award: the Chairman of the Board of Trustees awarded it to the Lebanese poet George Jordac who passed away then.

Secondly- The Foundation’s Silver Jubilee (1989-2014):

          The third session of the seminar was dedicated to the celebration of the Foundation’s Silver Jubilee, to discuss the literary, intellectual and cultural contributions presented by the Foundation to the Arab culture through its patron and chairman for 25 years, inside the Arab world and beyond.

          The session also discussed how extent this contribution was accepted among Arab and western intellectuals and writers. It examined ways as well to develop those contributions through three research that were presented during the session.

Publications of the Session and The Foundation’s celebration of the silver jubilee:

- “The completed of Abu Tammam Poetry .. Abu Tammam Habib ibn Aws al-Ta‘i collection of poems”, written by Dr. Mohammed Mustafa Abushwareb.

- “Abu Tammam Al-Ta‘i: The sources and references of his study”, prepared by Dr. Adnan Mohammed Ghazal.

- “Abu Tammam among his critics, in the past and the present” (critical study of the opponents and supporters’ situations), Written by: Dr. Abdullah Hamad Al-Mo-


- “Al- Wahshyat (or Minor Hamasah)” for Abu Tammam, (Yazd manuscript- introduction, presentation and analysis), prepared in Farsi by Mohammad Reza Abo‘i Mehrizi and Dr Waheed Dhulfaqari, translated into Arabic By Samir Arshadi, reviewed by Dr Mohammad Ghareeb.

- “The explaination of Al-Wahshyat  (Minor Hamasah)” for Abu Tammam (231 AH), written by Al-Awahad, Al-Jawaliqi’s disciple (was alive in the mid-sixth AH century),  investigated by Dr. Mohammed Mustafa Abushwarb & Dr. Mohammad Ghareeb.

- “Abu Tammam Al-Ta‘i: his art and thoughts”, written by Dr. Abdullah Al-Tatawi.

- “The Political poetry in the Abbasid period (132-334 AH / 750-946 AD)”, written by Dr Taher Hajjar.

- “ Al-Badi‘ fi elm Al-Badi‘ ” (the impressive in the Badi’ Science) for Yahya bin Moa‘ti (564-628 AH), investigation and study for Dr Mohammed Mustafa Abushwareb.

- “The Abul-‘Alaa Al-Ma‘arri theory of poetry: between the perception and the achievement”, Author Dr. Mohammed Aldanay.

- “Al qawl Alfa‘ek Al Areeb bi-‘otba waleed we zkra habib diaa‘ Aldine ben Alatheer”  (637 AH), investigated by Dr. Waleed Mohammed Assaraqby.

- “The research of Abu Tammam session and the Celebration of the Foundation of Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain’s Prize for Poetic Creativity’s Silver Jubilee - Marrakech October 21 - 23, 2014”, prepared by the Secretariat General of the Foundation.

- “The research of Khalil Mutran & Muhammad Ali MacDuzdar Session, Sarajevo 2010 - the book of the Symposium, entitled “The Dialogue of Civilizations in a Different World Order: Contrast and Harmony” the research and activities of the Seminar.

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