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The book "Identity Issues and Intercultural Challenges" marks the inaugural message from the Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation to the world, advocating for peace.

December 25, 2017

         Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation has launched a new project aimed at reaching out to the world in various languages through a series of research books as part of its "Culture of Peace for the Security of Future Generations" initiative. The Foundation has released its debut work in this project titled "Issues of Identity and Intercultural Challenges: A European and Global Perspective on Peace in the World," which is published in English. The project involves collaboration with thinkers, researchers, and academics from different parts of the world.

         The book delves into issues of identity and challenges faced by diverse cultures from multiple angles and perspectives through eight articles written by academics and researchers from various European universities. The introduction to the book is authored by Professor Luigi Moccia, a faculty member at the University of Roma Tre in Italy and the director of the "Altiero Spinelli" Center.

         The articles in the book explore topics such as "Global Citizenship and Approaches to Addressing Identity Issues through Intercultural Dialogue or Human Rights," "Conflict and Cooperation: A Cognitive Science Perspective," "Value Orientation in Education for Intercultural Dialogue," "Dialogue within the European Union as an External Action or Priority Strategy for Foreign Ministries," and "The Mind and Human Nature in Multicultural Societies." The book also addresses historical and contemporary challenges that hinder the rapprochement between peoples. The authors not only present the problems but also propose perspectives and suggested solutions to overcome these challenges.

         In selecting the authors for the book and other forthcoming publications, the Foundation emphasizes the importance of having advocates for just and unbiased peace to ensure that the ideas presented are accepted and have a broad impact on promoting coexistence at a wider scale.

         The significance of the publication of this book comes at a time when there is an increasing need to achieve a balance between diverse cultures as well as a social and economic integration among nations and states. The cultural, religious, and linguistic diversity becomes a genuine source for dialogue, mutual understanding, and peaceful communication in today's cities and societies. True and just peace cannot prevail without achieving understanding, dialogue, and mutual solidarity among people.

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