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The Kuwaiti Cultural Office, affiliated to the Kuwaiti Embassy in Cairo, and Albabtain Library have signed a "Memorandum of Understanding".

April 16, 2018

         The Kuwaiti Cultural Office in Cairo, represented by Dr. Ahmed Al-Mutairi, the Head of the Cultural Office, signed a cooperation protocol with Dr. Suad Al-Atiqi, the Director of the Albabtain Central Library for Arab Poetry, the day before yesterday. The agreement aims to strengthen collaboration between the two entities and establish an Albabtain corner in the cultural office's library.

         During the signing ceremony, Dr. Suad Al-Atiqi emphasized the significance of cooperation between the Albabtain Library and the Kuwaiti Embassy in Cairo to enhance the cultural renaissance aspired by the Arab world. She highlighted that the Albabtain Library plays a vital role beyond being a mere book repository. It hosts intellectual seminars, poetry recitals, and lectures featuring prominent thinkers from the Arab world and beyond. Additionally, the library releases literary and historical publications of various kinds.

         On his part, Dr. Ahmed Al-Mutairi stated that the Cultural Office represents a cultural beacon for Kuwait in Cairo. He underscored Kuwait's commitment to promoting and disseminating culture. He further emphasized the importance of cooperation between the Cultural Office and the Albabtain Library. According to the signed protocol, the Albabtain Library will provide the cultural office's library with copies of its poetic, literary, and critical publications, while the cultural office will offer copies of specialized doctoral and master's theses in literature, poetry, prose, and philosophy.

         Dr. Ahmed Al-Mutairi mentioned that the cultural office's library contains approximately 11,000 books covering various fields, in addition to 1,600 doctoral and master's theses by Kuwaiti researchers. He expressed their desire to open the library to the public, aiming to transform it into a cultural beacon representing Kuwait's heritage and knowledge.

         During the cultural evening, the poet Farouk Jweeda emphasized the deep cultural ties between Egypt and Kuwait, praising the cultural and intellectual climate in Kuwait.

         Jweeda said, "I have carried deep feelings of love for Kuwait for a long time," explaining that he had several poems that were taught in Kuwaiti schools during the Iraqi invasion, and those poems carried the feelings of the Egyptian people towards the invasion at that time.

         The celebration was attended by Dr. Mohamed Al-Hajri, the Director of the Culture Department at the Arab League, and Dr. Mariam Al-Mazkour, the Cultural Attaché of Kuwait in Cairo, along with a constellation of officials, writers, intellectuals, and deans of faculties in Egypt, as well as officials and staff of the cultural office in Cairo. (Cairo - KUNA)

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