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Albabtain Academy for Arabic Poetry graduates its first class in collaboration with the World Academy of Poetry in Verona, Italy

May 15, 2018

         Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain: Preserving Linguistic and Poetic Heritage in the Era of Globalization and Modernity

         Albabtain Academy for Arabic Poetry, under the auspices of the Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation, held a graduation ceremony for the first batch of students. The academy awarded them the diploma in poetic creativity in collaboration with the World Academy of Poetry in Verona, Italy.

         During the event, the Chairman of the Foundation delivered a speech emphasizing the Foundation's great interest in Arabic poetry and the Arabic language, due to their profound connection to our history and culture. Albabtain highlighted that since the year 2000, the Foundation has established a specialized program aimed at conducting educational and training courses in Kuwait, as well as in various cities and capitals of Arab and non-Arab countries. Among these initiatives was the establishment of "Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Arabic Language Chairs" for teaching the Arabic language and its skills, with the purpose of preserving the linguistic and poetic heritage in the contemporary era of globalization and modernity.

         He further stated that safeguarding the quality of Arabic poetry, its eloquent language, and adherence to the rules of prosody is a noble mission. This mission is realized through education and training, aiming to achieve the sublime objective of reaching the pinnacle of poetic creativity, in accordance with the principles of the Arabic language and through the simplification of teaching methods. This is accomplished through courses led by specialized academics with extensive experience. The graduates of these courses are equipped to read and compose Arabic poetry competently, understanding its characteristics, themes, meters, and rhyme schemes.

         Albabtain explained that the Academy combined lessons in Arabic grammar, rhetoric, and teaching the rules of Arabic poetry in a unified curriculum, totalling one hundred study hours in the "Diploma in Poetic Creativity." This diploma program, which began in October 2017, includes seven subjects: the science of prosody and rhyme, analysis of poetic texts, Arabic rhetoric, language jurisprudence, Arabic grammar, contemporary poetic trends and phenomena, and the art of recitation.

         He extended his congratulations to the graduates of the Academy, expressing his appreciation for their academic dedication. He congratulated the Kuwaiti and Arab societies, as these graduates will undoubtedly contribute to preserving the elegance of classical Arabic poetry in all forums.

         It is worth noting that the number of enrolled students in this diploma program exceeded 150 male and female students across the first and second levels, and up to this point, 73 students have graduated.

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