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In Recognition of his Accomplishments, a Series of Seminars Tribute and Honor to the Late Cultural Figure Continue
An exceptional evening of tribute was held in Al-Ahsa for the late poet Abdulaziz Albabtain.

May 6, 2024

On an exceptional evening titled "The Night of Loyalty to Honor a Pioneer of Arab Culture," attended by a constellation of intellectuals, writers, and dignitaries from inside and outside Al-Ahsa, the Abdulaziz, Muhammad, and Abdullatif Sons of Hamad Al-Jabr Charity Foundation in Al-Ahsa organized a tribute night. This event was dedicated to honoring a figure who served the Arab nation by spreading its culture across the globe, remembering the deeds of the late poet Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain "may God bless his soul." The commemorative evening began with the reception of distinguished guests, followed by the national anthem and an introductory speech by the seminar's host, Abdulmalik Al-Talha, who welcomed the attendees. The meeting opened with verses from the Holy Quran, followed immediately by a speech on behalf of the hosts, the Abdulaziz, Muhammad, and Abdullatif Sons of Hamad Al-Jabr Charity Foundation in Al-Ahsa, delivered by Dr. Yusuf bin Abdullatif Al-Jabr.

The tribute night featured various and diverse poetry readings, including poems by Abdulrahman bin Othman Al-Mulla recited by Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Mulla, another by the poet Jassem Al-Sihayeh, a poem by Dr. Mohammed bin Ahmed Al-Dughan, and one by the poet Bashair Mohammed. Additionally, there were speeches by dignitaries and businessmen from Al-Ahsa, including Abdulaziz bin Suleiman Al-Afaleq, and a literary contribution with a speech by the President of the Association of Writers, Dr. Mahmoud bin Saud Al-Halibi, delivered on his behalf by Dr. Maher bin Abdullah Al-Mahmoud. Moreover, the poet Mohammed bin Taher Al-Jalwah delivered a tribute highlighting significant moments and achievements of the late figure, presenting a retrospective with numbers and illuminating anecdotes, in addition to a presentation of a short visual film which was presented about the Albabtain Cultural Foundation and its achievements.

On this occasion, all the attendees' remarks converged, affirming that the late poet Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain was among the most loyal figures to the Arab nation. Throughout his life, he contributed significantly, being at the forefront of influencers in the Gulf and the Arab world. He bore the responsibility of uplifting Arab culture at all its levels, supported by his personal dedication.

All speakers also highlighted Albabtain's dedication of his time, wealth, effort, and knowledge for the sake of the Arabic language. He commanded respect for the language globally by founding Arabic language chairs at major European universities and establishing centers for dialogue and translation. Above all, his creation of an exceptional and massive library for poetry stands out, known as the Albabtain Central Library for Arabic Poetry.

Indeed, may he rest in peace, was a man with a mission, with numerous goals, foremost among them being the dissemination of Arab culture worldwide. Thus, that night of tribute was dedicated to honoring a man whose like shall not be seen again.

At the conclusion of the event, commemorative shields and gifts were presented by the Abdulaziz, Mohammed, and Abdul Latif Hamad Al-Jabr Charity Foundation in Al-Ahsa. These were presented on their behalf by businessman Abdulmohsen bin Abdulaziz Al-Jabr to the sons of the late Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain. Mohammed, on behalf of his siblings, accepted the awards. Commemorative and group photos were taken to mark this occasion.

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