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Two students from Saud Albabtain Kuwaiti Scholarship achieve first and second place in Al-Azhar Secondary School at the level of students from Islamic missions worldwide affiliated with Al-Azhar in Cairo

August 13, 2023

         The Saud Albabtain Kuwaiti Scholarship for Higher Studies in Cairo achieved the first and second positions in the Al-Azhar Secondary School Competition among Islamic missions from all around the world.

         Students Ahmodullah and Ahmed bin Osman from Bangladesh achieved the top two positions among the top ten in the Al-Azhar Secondary School Certificate Examination at the Islamic Missions Institute for the academic year 2022/2023.

         The students extend their gratitude and appreciation to the poet Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain, the head of the Saud Albabtain Kuwaiti Scholarship for Higher Studies, for his sponsorship and support that enabled them to excel in the field of education and walk the path of excellence.

         The poet Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain, the head of the Scholarship, honored the two students both morally and financially, in recognition of their diligence and excellence, which brought happiness and pride to him. He sees their achievements as the outcome of his efforts in establishing the Saud Albabtain Kuwaiti Scholarship for Higher Studies 49 years ago.

         Albabtain further explained that the Scholarship has managed to assist many students in recognized and highly reputed universities around the world.

         He emphasized that the Scholarship’s policy is to encourage students to initially enroll in Arab universities, as it allows them to gain further knowledge while staying connected to their homeland. Additionally, for those who cannot join Arab universities, the Scholarship considers it necessary for them to return to the Arab and Islamic world after completing their studies abroad to contribute to the modern scientific advancement within it.

         It's worth mentioning that the Saud Albabtain Kuwaiti Scholarship for Higher Studies was established in 1974 with the aim of spreading knowledge and providing assistance to students whose avenues for education were restricted by life's circumstances. The Scholarship also encourages the talented among them to pursue higher studies and attain doctoral degrees from renowned universities across the world.

         This Scholarship takes care of all the expenses related to accommodation, education, travel, residence, and meets all the needs for food, clothing, books, tuition fees, and healthcare for these students throughout their time under the Scholarship’s sponsorship.

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