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The Foundation is preparing to publish the "Albabtain Encyclopedia for Arab Poets in the Abbasid Era."

April 13, 2023

Albabtain Encyclopaedias of Arabic Poetry Across Eras

Following the celebration at the end of last March for the release of 'Albabtain Encyclopaedia of Arabic Poets in the Era of States and Emirates,' the Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation is poised to unveil the fourth encyclopaedia within the Albabtain Encyclopaedia project for Arabic poetry spanning through different eras. This project holds the utmost priority for the Foundation, and it boasts tremendous capabilities across all levels, enabling it to provide the Arabic library with the first comprehensive and documented compilation of the Arab poetic movement, starting from the present moment and extending to the furthest known point in the sources of pre-Islamic Arab poetry history.

The fourth encyclopaedia of this historical project takes form in the preparation of 'Albabtain Encyclopaedia of Arabic Poets in the Abbasid Era,' which encompasses a vast expanse of time spanning over five centuries (132 - 656 AH / 749 - 1258 CE). It relies on approximately 5000 sources and references, both manuscript and printed, including books, university theses, scholarly research, and literary articles.

The Encyclopaedia has documented the names, biographical details, and samples of poetry of 12,934 poets who lived during that illustrious period of our literary heritage. With the grace of Allah Almighty, the release of the Encyclopaedia is anticipated to take place in the middle of the coming year.

The Foundation initiated the Encyclopaedia of Poets project in the year 1991 when its chairman conceived the idea of compiling an encyclopaedia for living Arab poets. The first edition was published in 1995 under the title 'Albabtain Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Arab Poets.' This encyclopaedia encompasses poets who have lived from 1318 AH / 1900 CE until the present day.

The Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Arab Poets is a perpetually evolving encyclopaedia, in line with its nature and purpose, continuously accommodating the poetic names that progressively emerge within the literary arena through its successive editions. The second edition was released in 2002, followed by the third edition in 2014, spanning nine volumes and containing 6,891 pages. The encyclopaedia involved the collaborative efforts of 171 professors, researchers, and technicians. As of today, the encyclopaedia comprises 2,512 poets. The ongoing work is dedicated to preparing the fourth edition, which is expected to be released soon, with the grace of Allah Almighty.

In the year 1997, the work commenced on 'Albabtain Encyclopaedia of Arabic Poets in the 19th and 20th Centuries.' This encyclopaedia documents the poets of the period spanning from 1214 - 1420 AH / 1800 - 2000 CE. The lexicon was published in 2008, spanning 25 volumes and encompassing 18,357 pages. A total of 615 professors, researchers, and technicians contributed to its creation. The encyclopaedia records the poems, biographies, and sources of 9,518 poets.

As for 'Albabtain Encyclopaedia of Arabic Poets in the Era of States and Emirates,' the work on it began in the year 2008 and continued for a duration of 11 years. This encyclopaedia encompasses the poets who lived from 656 - 1215 AH / 1258 - 1800 CE. The encyclopaedia was published in 2019, spanning 25 volumes and containing 16,412 pages. It involved the contributions of 281 professors, researchers, and technicians. The encyclopaedia profiles 9,462 poets from that era.

The poet Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain affirmed his determination that the Foundation will continue this project until it covers all the paths through which Arabic poetry has traversed across its various epochs.

Albabtain Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Arab Poets: (1318 AH / 1900 CE - present time.

Project Initiation: 1991

Release Dates:

First Edition: 1995

Second Edition: 2002

Third Edition: 2014

Years of Work - Present: 33

Number of Poets: 2512

Number of Volumes: 9

Number of Pages: 6891

Number of Collaborators on the Encyclopaedia: 171

Albabtain Encyclopaedia of Arabic Poets in the 19th and 20th Centuries: (1214 - 1420 AH / 1800 - 2000 CE)

Project Initiation: 1997

Release Date: 2008

Years of Work: 11

Number of Poets: 9518

Number of Volumes: 25

Number of Pages: 18357

Number of Collaborators on the Encyclopaedia: 615

Albabtain Encyclopaedia of Arabic Poets in the Era of States and Emirates: (656 - 1215 AH / 1258 - 1800 CE)

Project Initiation: 2008

Release Date: 2019

Years of Work: 11

Number of Poets: 9462

Number of Volumes: 25

Number of Pages: 16412

Number of Collaborators on the Encyclopaedia: 281

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