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The second poetry evening... Navigating through the realms of poetry and the eloquence of poem.

March 20, 2023

The events of the 18th edition of the Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation continued, which commenced on the 19th of March, with the poetry evening titled "Navigating through the Realms of Poetry and the Eloquence of Poem." This event took place on the stage of Albabtain Central Library for Arabic Poetry. The evening was moderated by the Kuwaiti poet Salem Alrumaidhi. It featured performances by poets from various regions, including Ahmed Belboula from Egypt, Ibtihal Triter from Sudan, Aseel Saqlawi from Lebanon, Ahmed Alhilali from Saudi Arabia, Somaia Al Yaakoubi from Tunisia, Mohammed Albriki from the UAE, Marwah Halawa from Syria, Alharis Alkharraz from Kuwait, Walid Al Sarraf from Iraq. They presented selected works from their poems, enriched with linguistic elegance and eloquent expressions, covering themes ranging from emotions to absence, portraying the poetic beauty and creativity.

The participants competed in presenting texts filled with poetry, linguistic aesthetics, and exquisite imagery within a diverse framework that reflected their different environments, perspectives, and poetic schools. They painted a poetic tableau brimming with wonder and creativity, garnering significant and remarkable admiration from the attendees.

Their texts captivated the audience with realms of beauty and enchantment, encompassing a variety of themes ranging from love poetry adorned with expressions of longing and nostalgia to introspective explorations of human nature and existence. They were rich in meaning, characterized by a splendid portrayal of homelands, a probing of places, and a depiction of scenes from reality, all adorned with vivid imagery.

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