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Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain as a guest on "Bil Arabi Ma Ghaleb."

May 26, 2018

         The talk show "Bil Arabi Ma Galib" hosted poet Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain in an interview that was broadcasted on Kuwait national TV. The program was presented by media host Galib Al-Osaimi and directed by Saad Al-Qahtani and Mishaal Al-Shammari, with Dr. Mohammed Muneef Al-Ajmi leading the team.

         During the interview, Albabtain discussed various cultural, social, and humanitarian issues. He delved into his long poetic journey and the reasons behind his reluctance to participate in television interviews. Additionally, he explored the flavor of Ramadan in the past and present, poetry in the era of colloquial language and technology, his passion for Arabic calligraphy, education, and poetry, as well as his sense of belonging.

         Albabtain also touched upon the impact of social media on poetry and the methods of teaching Arabic language rules. The linguistic status in poetry, reading, analysis, and the cultural youth generation were among the other topics discussed. He highlighted the geographical aspects of Arab culture in the East and West.

         Throughout the interview, Albabtain shared insights into several aspects, including the Albabtain Poetry Award, cultural projects, and the relationship between culture and wealth.

         Furthermore, he spoke about his journey in the field of poetry, trade, and social entrepreneurship.

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