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"Just and Sustainable Peace" is one of the main pillars of the Second World Forum for the Culture of Just Peace organized by Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation in Malta.

February 20, 2022

As part of the program of the "Second World Forum for the Culture of Just Peace," which the Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation intends to hold on March 3-4, 2022, in Malta under the patronage and attendance of His Excellency the President of Malta, Dr. George Vella, the Forum will be themed "Leadership for Just Peace." The discussions will focus on how the international community can develop governance tools and implement joint plans and initiatives as part of a collaborative effort to prepare the project "Leadership for Just Peace." This initiative aims to motivate all relevant parties at the social, political, and educational levels to work collectively and institutionally as "Leaders for Just Peace," securing the future global security. Special emphasis will be placed on conflict prevention, the exploration of mediation and reconciliation policies, and the education and specialized training of youth in a range of knowledge and skills to practice the culture of just peace within their communities.

The Foundation mentioned that a number of thought and political leaders will address this vital issue during the Forum. Their aim is to take practical steps forward in exploring institutional mechanisms, designing educational programs, tools, and action plans to develop leadership capabilities for achieving the noble objective of "just and sustainable peace" to ensure the stability of nations.

The Foundation emphasized that the discussions will provide a perspective on how to confront the complex challenges that threaten the peace and security of nations everywhere, making the concept of "just peace" central at all levels—local, national, regional, and international.

In order to transform the culture of peace into a tangible operational reality, the Forum's proceedings will be organized into three sessions. These sessions are closely linked to their objectives and anticipated outcomes, all of which are in line with the shared goal of preparing truly effective leadership. This leadership will collaborate to build a multi-level and multi-functional (Global Platform for Just Peace), proposing practical and implementable recommendations.

The forum's proceedings are organized into three sessions:

1. The first session is titled "The Role of World Leaders."

2. The second session is titled "The Role of Governments and International Governmental Organizations."

3. The third session is titled "The Role of Parliamentarians and Civil Society Organizations."

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