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A prosodic study on the "Albabtain Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Arab Poets" is being conducted by the researcher Mohammed Al-Ma'sarani as part of his pursuit of a master's degree in Egypt.

July 24, 2019

Researcher Muhammad Ahmed Moustafa Al-Ma'sarani conducted a study titled "Albabtain Encyclopedia of Contemporary Arab Poets: A Prosodic Analysis" in order to obtain a Master's degree from the Faculty of Arts, Department of Arabic Language and Literature, at Tanta University in Egypt.

In his thesis, Al-Ma'sarani states that the Albabtain Encyclopedia of Contemporary Arab Poets is a manifestation of what Muslims excel in compared to other nations, namely, biographical and prosodic studies. The first section of the research is titled "Prosodic Aspects in Albabtain Encyclopedia," which is divided into nine chapters. The researcher covers various topics in these chapters, such as metrical patterns, rhetorical figures, rhyme, enjambment, phonetic changes, metaplasm, wordplay, repetition, and prosodic errors.

The second section is titled "The Poetics of Dactyl and its Issues in Albabtain Encyclopaedia." It includes chapters discussing the meters used in Dactyl poetry, rhyme in Dactyl poetry, phonetic changes, metaplasm, prosodic errors, and the prosodic necessity in Dactyl poetry.

The third section, "Prose Poems in Albabtain Encyclopaedia," covers the prosody of prose poetry, the segmentation in prose poems, rhyme in prose poetry, the grammatical structure, and rhythmic aspects.

The thesis defense committee included Dr. Mohamed Zakaria Anani, Dr. Gamal Issa, and Dr. Ahdieh El-Sisi.

It's worth mentioning that the "Albabtain Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Arab Poets" was published by the Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation. It has been released in three editions so far and includes more than two thousand five hundred poets.

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