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The writer Osama Al-Majed in the Bahraini newspaper "Al-Bilad": "Albabtain Foundation Presents Peace Solutions in The Hague".

May 29, 2019

         Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation plays a pioneering and leading role in enhancing the role of culture and thought in society across various fields of creativity. Through its various programs, courses, and forums, it bridges the gap between the East and West, fostering dialogue among students and creators. It works to establish connections between our culture and various cultures, all with the noble aim of advancing human beings and their progress. It is no wonder that its World Forum, to be held at the International Court of Justice in The Hague on the 13th of next month, is themed "Culture of Peace." During this Forum, the topic of "Protection of Future Generations" will be discussed, presenting proposed curricula through 17 modules.

         Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain, the poet, author, and Kuwaiti businessman who leads the Foundation, commented on this global conference: "The experts who formulated these modules have taken into consideration the stages of cognitive comprehension from childhood to youth. These are the stages in which individuals are in a state of mental reception and intellectual formation. Consequently, educational institutions will find material in these modules that aligns with each age group easily and deeply simultaneously. Through these modules, the Foundation aims to trace the idea of peace from its inception in early childhood, progressing through primary and intermediate stages, until it reaches its full maturity in the university years. This allows it to bear the fruits of peace within the recipients of these modules, who can then propagate the ideas about peace as an essential necessity to save humanity from the ravages of wars. The notion of peace becomes a curriculum rather than mere wishes."

         We are facing a unique global Arab project that will contribute to the development of human heritage and the future of human civilization. It will provide everything necessary to foster a culture of peace and establish the roots of brotherhood and love among peoples. Over the years, this Foundation has been committed and I have attended most of its sessions, all with the aim of creating a bright future for humanity and its interests.

         Undoubtedly, the "World Forum for the Culture of Peace," which is taking place in a crucial and sensitive phase of human history, will take substantial steps and broaden horizons in the service of humanity and the enrichment of the culture of peace in this era that requires us to unite efforts to eliminate misleading terminology and convoluted ideas.

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