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Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation announced the winners of the "Arab Diwan" competition, which they have organized for the third consecutive year in collaboration with the Egyptian Sawt Al-Arab Radio.

March 1, 2017

         The first prize was awarded to poet Muhammad Ahmed Hassan from Egypt, born in 1990, for his poem titled "Al-Shu'ara" (The Poets). The second prize went to poet Abdullatif bin Yusuf bin Ibrahim Al-Mubarak from Saudi Arabia, born in 1985, for his poem "Erth Qabil" (Cain's Legacy). The third prize was won by poet Hussam Latif Al-Bataat from Iraq, born in 1985, for his poem "Matar Al-Rahil" (Rain of Departure). Poet Reda Bou Rabia from Algeria, born in 1993, won the fourth prize for his poem "Kalawariqat" (Like Pages).

         Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain, the Chairman of the Foundation, stated in a speech delivered before a gathering of academics and students at Alexandria University: "The Arab Diwan" competition is dedicated to young and promising poets across the Arab world. It reflects the Foundation's commitment to supporting talented poets and represents an important connection with the listeners of "Sawt Al-Arab" radio, which focuses on culture and thought. The competition is open for submissions during the holy month of Ramadan each year."

         Albabtain further clarified that this year's competition witnessed the participation of 174 poets and poetess from various regions of the Arab world. He highlighted that the competition stood out due to its elevated standards and the abundance of poems that made it to the final list. This reflects the richness and maturity of the poetic movement across the Arab world.

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