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Albabtain inaugurates the Public Library of the Kuwaiti Engineers Association.

March 15, 2017

         The Kuwaiti Engineers Association will inaugurate its public library at 7:00 PM today (Tuesday, March 14th), under the auspices of the "Intellectual Corners" club within the association. The library will be inaugurated by the poet Abdulaziz Albabtain, in the presence of a gathering of engineers, intellectuals, and individuals of significance who have been invited by the association.

         The head of the "Intellectual Corners" club, Engineer Suad Al-Kandari, stated that their aim is to make a significant contribution, firstly, to engineers and, secondly, to the public, in line with the association's goals of serving the engineer, the country, and society. She highlighted that the library contains approximately 1400 titles, encompassing not only engineering-related books but also books relevant to various other subjects. Additionally, the library will provide an electronic library service.

         Abdulaziz Albabtain, the Chairman of Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation, described the reopening and establishment of the library at the Kuwait Engineers Association as a conscious step highlighting the significance of culture and spreading societal awareness. He expressed his hope that this initiative would serve as an incentive for all associations and institutions in Kuwait that require individuals who think similarly.

         Albabtain renewed his call for attention to the cultural aspect and stated, "Poetry and culture are not exclusive to literary experts, but rather a divine talent that God bestows upon whomever He wills among humans." He added that the civilizations that have endured throughout time were the result of the fusion of architectural engineering art with culture.

         Albabtain stated, "By establishing this library, you have contributed to architectural and cultural construction," affirming that the opening of this library signifies an awareness of the importance of culture as a component in building society, involving all its members across various professional fields.

         On his part, Faisal Al-Attil remarked that the library emphasizes the engineers' commitment to aligning construction with the dissemination of cultural awareness within society. He praised the dedication of the President and members of the "Zawaya Fikriya Alhandasi" club for its reopening, and the responsiveness of the Association's Board of Directors in allocating a dedicated space despite limited available areas.

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