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"The Poetic Discourse in the Works of Ya'qub Al-Rasheed" is a recent artistic study released by the Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation

April 15, 2017

         "The Poetic Discourse in the Works of Ya'qub Al-Rasheed" is a recent artistic study released by the Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation. The book was published as part of a series of releases during the Arab Poetry Spring Festival held last March, where the renowned poet Ya'qub Al-Rasheed was celebrated. The book, authored by Ohoud Mohsin Al-Otaibi, spans 214 pages.

         In the preface of the book, Ohoud Al-Otaibi emphasizes that the study of poetic discourse in poetic texts is one of the most important areas of artistic research, as it serves as the linguistic cipher through which the poet conceals his intentions and objectives, intending to convey them in his message to the audience.

         Poet Abdulaziz Albabtain remarks, "Ya'qub Al-Rasheed left behind a rich poetic legacy for the people of his era, his admirers, and his devoted followers. He published six poetic collections, brimming with beautiful poems that encompass various poetic themes. These collections are titled 'Sawaqi Al-Hob,' 'Durub Al-Omr,' 'Al-Kuwait wa Ghdar Al-Jar,' 'Ghanayat Al-Ma,' 'Rafiq Al-Jarah,' and 'Hamsat Al-Saeed.'"

         The poet Ya'qub Al-Rasheed was born in 1928, as his autobiography states, and he passed away in 2007. His late father, Abdulaziz Al-Rasheed, may he rest in peace, was a prominent Kuwaiti historian and the author of the book "Tareekh Al-Kuwait" (History of Kuwait), which has become a primary source referred to by researchers, enthusiasts, and graduate students in Kuwait for comprehensive information, especially regarding historical events and details.

         Then, the second chapter of the study introduces the definition of the concept of intertextuality in both Western and Arab literary criticism. It explores how this term has roots in our Arab heritage, such as citation, incorporation, and imitation, which are among the most well-known terms falling under the forms of textual relationships.

         As for the third chapter, it examines the artistic features that shaped the artistic elements of poetic discourse in the works of Ya'qub Al-Rasheed. This section delves into the artistic imagery, symbolism, and repetition. There is no doubt that the distinctiveness of poetic texts arises from the interplay between various artistic elements.

         The book is the outcome of the study presented by the author Ohoud Mohsen Al-Otaibi. This study is considered the first of its kind about the poet Ya'qub Al-Rasheed. It delves into his poetry and creative texts from a critical perspective.

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