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"Arar … Other Faces" - The Latest Release from Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation Celebrating the Great Jordanian Poet Arar

April 15, 2017

         In celebration of the Arab Poetry Festival held recently, Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation presents its latest publication titled 'Arar … Other Faces.' The release pays tribute to the late Jordanian poet, Mustafa Wahbi Al-Tel, known as 'Arar,' and the Kuwaiti poet, Ya'qoub Al-Rasheed.

         The publication, authored by Dr. Ziyad Saleh Al-Zu'bi, is a concise work spanning 12 pages, in a medium-sized format.

         The author states: "Returning to writing about "Arar" involves delving into a labyrinth of questions and inquiries, despite the numerous studies that have been conducted on this poet. In 1977, Ahmed Abu Matar published a book titled ‘Arar: The Non-Conformist Poet,’ in which he declared the discovery of a collection of the poet's early works titled ‘Zuhur Al-Ghab’ (Flowers of the Forest)."

         The poet 'Arar' was a restless soul, leading a life marked by transitions between various positions, responsibilities, exiles, and imprisonments.

         The book concludes that the poet 'Arar' possessed absolute freedom that transcended clear narratives, deep culture, and a remarkable experience. Notably, he embarked on writing poetic texts that liberate themselves from the constraints of traditional poetic language and thematic circles. As a result, his poems became a new fabric, blending contemporary linguistic patterns and styles prevalent in his local environment with those rooted in tradition and heritage.

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