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Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation, in collaboration with Sawt Al-Arab Radio, is launching its fourth annual poetry competition.

May 29, 2017

         Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation has announced its annual competition titled "Arab Diwan," which it consistently holds in collaboration with Sawt Al-Arab Radio during the blessed month of Ramadan. This year marks the fourth edition of the competition.

         The competition includes four awards for the best poem that has been published in its entirety in literary magazines, newspapers, poetry collections, or as an independent book within the past five years. The poem should not have previously won any similar Arab award, and it must be written in formal Arabic language (Fusha). Participants should not exceed the age of forty years.

         The Foundation offers a first prize of $6,000 USD, a second prize of $3,000 USD, a third prize of $1,500 USD, and a fourth prize of $750 USD. The awards will be announced at the end of February next year, accompanied by a grand ceremony held to distribute the prizes.

         Chairman of the Foundation, poet Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain, said: "Through the 'Diwan Al-Arab' prize, we aim to encourage poets to elevate Arabic poetry. The competition is subject to specialized judging committees in collaboration with the esteemed Sawt Al-Arab radio station, as it is a media entity dedicated to culture and the Arabic language."

         The submissions will be accepted through the office of the Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Cultural Foundation in Cairo via fax: +20233027335 or through email: ALBABTAIN.EGYPT@GMAIL.COM.

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