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Albabtain Academy for Arabic Poetry holds the "Tuesday Poetry Evening"

December 25, 2018

         Yesterday, Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Academy for Arabic Poetry held a poetic evening known as "Tuesday Poetry Evening," a recurring event dedicated to the students of the Creative Poetry Diploma. The event takes place monthly in the lecture hall of Albabtain Central Library for Arabic Poetry.

         The participating poets included Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Hariri, Saad bin Thaqal Al-Ajmi, Shahad Sakit Al-Shammari, Qasim Mohammed Ayyash, Abdulrahman Al-Najjar Al-Ansari, and Khalf Kalkoul. The evening also featured a musical performance by the poet and oud player, Mohammed Al-Adhan Al-Aslami. The evening was hosted by the poet Khawla Sami Suleiqa.

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