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Dr. Mojib Al-Zahrani

Born in the Al-Baha region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1954 (1374 AH).

Holds a Bachelor's degree in Arabic Language and Literature from King Saud University.

Earned a Ph.D. in General and Comparative Literature from Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris III in 1989.

Practical Experiences:

He is a Saudi critic, translator, novelist, and academic.

Serves as General Director of the Arab World Institute in Paris.

Served as the Head of the Department of Humanities Studies at Al-Yamamah University.

Contributed as a member to several academic and cultural journals, including: 

"Derasat Sharqiyah," published in Paris since 1988

"Qawafil," a Saudi journal

"Al-Nass Al-Jadeed," published in Cyprus since 1994

Among his publications:

"From Enlightening Knowledge to Developing Poetic Experience: A Study of the Poetic Works of Qasim Haddad, Mohammed Al-Thubaiti, and Aref Al-Khaja," presented at the Poetry and Enlightenment Seminar in Abu Dhabi, 1996 (under the patronage of the Foundation of Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Award for Poetic Creativity; yet to be fully published).

"New York in Three Local Poems by Ali Al-Domaini, Ahmed Yahya Bahkli, and Mohammed Al-Domaini," Qawafil Magazine, Year 1, Issue 1, month of Shawwal 1413 AH.

"The East and Easterners in Victor Hugo's 'Les Orientales': A Study," lecture presented at the Literary Club in Taif, 1994.

"Influences of Western Novel Theory on Arab Narrative Criticism," research paper presented at the Literary Criticism Conference organized by the Faculty of Arts, University of Bahrain, Manama, 1994 (accepted for publication as a peer-reviewed article in the Faculty of Arts Journal, King Saud University).

"Aesthetic Critique in Linguistic Criticism," research paper prepared and presented at a Literary Criticism Conference organized by the Higher Council for Culture, Arts, and Literature in Kuwait, 1996 (accepted for publication as a peer-reviewed article in the "Fusool" journal).

"In Semiotics: Presentation and Foundations," published in "Alaamaat" journal issued by the Cultural Literary Club in Jeddah, Issue 19.

Novella titled "Raqas" (Dance).

"Dialogic Approaches." 2012. The book won the Book of the Year award from Riyadh Literary Club in 2012.

Autobiography titled "Sirat Al-Waqt" (An Autobiography of Time).

Dr. Mojib Al-Zahrani
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