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Dr. Leila Al-Sabaan

Professor at the Faculty of Arts, Kuwait University.

She writes for some Kuwaiti newspapers and is involved in educational, cultural, and media activities, with contributions in family programs and women's empowerment.

She served as the editor-in-chief of the Kuwaiti magazine "Al-Arabi."

Some of her works include:

"Dictionary of Kuwaiti Dialect Words" (1989). 

"Development of the Kuwaiti Dialect" for which she earned a distinction for her master's degree. 

"The Contemporary Language" book. 

"Linguistic Research" book. 

"Al-Mutanabbi and Ibn al-Shajari" book. 

"The Rhythm and Significance in the Poetry of Labib ibn Abi Rabia" book.

Dr. Leila Al-Sabaan
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