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Dr. Suad Abdulwahab

Serves as a professor of Modern Literature professor in the Department of Arabic Language at Kuwait University.

Member of the Advisory Committee of the Diwan Al-Amiri. 

Participated in the scientific review of research published in some scientific journals such as the Humanities Journal at Kuwait University.

Member of the Curriculum Development Committee at the Ministry of Education in the State of Kuwait.

Her Publications include:

"Islamic Themes in Ahmed Shawqi’s Works: A Critical Study" (1988).

"Death Has Another Face: A Study of Elegies of Suicides" (1996).

"The Romantic Artistic Image in the Poetry of Ali Mahmoud Taha."

"Exile in Kuwaiti Poetry."

"Satire and Humor in the Narratives of Issa bin Hashem Al-Muweilih."

"Themes of Poetry in the Diwan (A Passerby) by Al-Aqqad."

Dr. Suad Abdulwahab
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