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Dr. Abdullah Al-Tatawi

Born in Egypt.

Professor of Arabic Literature at the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University since 1991.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Arabic Language at Cairo University, the Association of Islamic Studies at the Higher Institute of Islamic Studies in Cairo, the Writers Union of Egypt, and the Department of Literature in Specialized National Councils.

Editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University (a scholarly peer-reviewed journal).

His publications include:

“The Forms of Conflict in Arabic Poetry” (Three Volumes), Anglo-Egyptian Library, Cairo, 1992.

“Sources of Thought in the Poetry of Abu Tammam”, Dar Al-Thaqafa, 1992.

“The Poet as a Thinker”, Dar Ghareeb, 1991, and “The Poet as a Historian”, Dar Ghareeb, 1992.

“Opposition and Heritage in the Poetry of Shawqi”, Dar Ghareeb, 1995.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Tatawi
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