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Dr. Al-Tahir Belqassim Hajjar

Born in Algeria in 1953.

Obtained a PhD in Arts and Humanities from Sorbonne University, Paris in 1987.

President of the University of Algeria since 1996.

Chairman of the Educational Committee for Arabic Language and Literature from 1981-1982.

Director of "Language and Literature" magazine from 1992-1993.

Editor-in-Chief of "Hawliyat" Journal.

Editor-in-Chief of "Research" Journal.

Member of the Advisory Board for the National Agency for University Research Development.

Member of the Advisory Board for the National University Services Council.

Member of the Advisory Board for the National Library.

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Arab Universities Union Council.

Chairman of the National Curriculum and Programs Committee at the Ministry of Education from 1998-2003.

Chairman of the Joint Committee for Algerian University Cooperation since 1998.

Among his Literary Works and Research Papers:

"Literature and Literary Genres" (translated by the Encyclopedia of Genres by Al-Arus) - Talas Publishing House - Damascus - Syria, 1985

"Authority or Caliphate in Islamic Thought," 

"Diwan al-Wazir" (translation of a book belonged to the Abbasid Ministry, from French to Arabic, written by Professor Dominique Sourdille), 

"The Book of Poetry of Abu Ja'far ibn Shams al-Khallafah" (622 AH), and 

"Ali ibn Basim al-Sha'ir: A Study and Compilation of His Poetry," 

As well as the Revision of the books "Tuhfat al-'Aroos" and “The Poet's Rank in the Abbasid Court”

Dr. Al-Tahir Belqassim Hajjar
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