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Dr. Hassnaa Abdulaziz Al-Qunai’eer

Holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy in the field of Literature, with a general specialization in Linguistics and a specific focus on Arabic Lexicography.

Faculty member at the College of Arts, King Saud University.

Member of several linguistic and language societies.

Engages in writing weekly articles on language, thought, politics, and society for the daily newspaper Al-Riyadh.

Among her Books:

"Explanation of Eyun al-I'rab" - Revision and Study.

"Medical and Technical Terminology."

"Feminine Nouns - Derivations and Semantics: A Rooted Study."

"Dictionary of Civilizational Concepts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the Formation Phase from 1924 to 1953."

She has numerous scientific research papers and studies, including peer-reviewed research:

Translation of Temporal Meanings in the Holy Quran into English: Between the Fixed and the Variable

Generating Scientific Terminology in the Ancient Blog

Eye Diseases as an Example through the Book "Al-Hawi" by Abu Bakr Al-Razi

The Role of the Intransitive and the Transitive Sources in Shaping Medical and Therapeutic Terminology.

Language and Its Implications in the Diwan "Sadeeqat Al-Bahr" by Lebanese poet Henri Zogheib: A Study of Creativity

Language and Its Seduction: A Linguistic Study of the Diwan "Fitanat Al-Kalimat" by Tunisian writer Abdessalam Al-Masadi

Variation in the Treatment of Medical Terminology Equivalents in Scientific Lexicons and Its Impact on Conceptual Confusion

Dr. Hassnaa Abdulaziz Al-Qunai’eer
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