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Dr. Abdullah Abdulhafeez Binnasr Al-Alawi

Born in Morocco in 1949.

Holds a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Arts, University of Fes in 1992.

Higher Education Professor at the Faculties of Arts and Humanities in Oujda and Fes from 1958-2005.

Member of the Committee for Developing the Civilizational Lexicon of the city of Fes.

Head of the Moroccan Literature Unit from 2001 - 2004.

President of the Academic Center for Moroccan, Middle Eastern, and Gulf Studies in 2006.

Coordinator of the Research Group on Moroccan-Emirati Creativity and Studies in 1998.

Coordinator of the Research Group on Moroccan-Kuwaiti Cultural Communication in 2006.

Advisor to the Scientific Board of “Dirasat” Journal, Union of Writers and Authors in the United Arab Emirates in 2002.

Founder of the Sufi Writing Unit in Moroccan Literature.

Peer Reviewer for the King Faisal International Award in 2006.

Among his Literary Works:

"Abu Salem Al-Ayashi: The Sufi Writer" in 1998

"The Summer and Autumn Fruit Poem by Ibn Ibrahim Al-Andalusi"

"Abu Faras Al-Hamdani and His Poetry in Sources and References" co-authored, 2000

"In Moroccan Literature" in 2003

"Poetic Horsemanship in the Works of Abdullah Bashrahil" in 2004

"Saadi's Poetry: Interaction of Reality, Thought, and Creativity" in 2006

"Poetic Horsemanship in the Creativity of Khaled Al-Faisal" in 2008

"Literary Movement in Kuwait: Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Foundation of Poetic Creativity Award and the Poetry of its Chairman as a Model" in 2008

Dr. Abdullah Abdulhafeez Binnasr Al-Alawi
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