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Prof. Georges Antonios Tarabay

Born in Tanourin, Lebanon in 1946.

Member of the Fourth Board of Trustees of Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Foundation for Poetic Creativity (2001-2003), the Fifth Board (2004-2006), and the Sixth Board (2007-2010).

Obtained a Ph.D. in Arabic Language and Literature from the Jesuit University.

Obtained the First-class Ph.D. in World Literature with a focus on Socio-Politics from the Jesuit University.

Obtained State Doctorate in Literature from the Lebanese University.

Professor of the Chair of Arab Civilization at the Lebanese University for thirty years.

An encyclopedic researcher with two encyclopedias: one scientific on “Existential affairs (Fanatisme) and fanaticism”, and the other cultural. 

He has authored fifty printed books.

A poet with ten poetry collections. 

His poems have been translated into French, English, Spanish, Polish, Persian, and German. 

He is the officially recognized author of the anthem of the Lebanese University. 

His poetry has been studied by more than two hundred Lebanese, Arab, and foreign researchers, and their research has been published in a trilogy that exceeds one thousand pages. 

He has represented Lebanon in several international festivals.

He has founded more than twenty cultural institutions and magazines, playing a distinguished role in the Educational Center for Research and Development for nearly forty years, where he headed the “Educational Magazine”, educational radio, educational television, the executive committee of Joint Project No. 4, and training courses for teachers. 

Today, he heads two of the most important cultural institutions in Lebanon: 

"The Cultural Forum for Lebanese-International Dialogue"

"The Association of Cultural Houses in Lebanon," which he founded and has been presiding over for a quarter of a century.

Member of the Board of Trustees of the Arab Cultural Center and the Lebanese Organization for UN.

He established, together with poet Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain, a cultural center in Hallat, Jbeil region, carrying both their names, during his presence in that area.

He has been awarded nearly twenty Lebanese, Arab, and international medals and decorations, including the Lebanese Merit Order of the Commander rank, presented to him by the President of the Lebanese Republic, General Michel Suleiman, in appreciation of his distinguished national contributions.

He also holds nearly one hundred gold badges, plaques, and appreciation shields, including the Golden Star (from Britain), shields from the Lebanese University, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon, the Ministry of Culture in Qatar, the Arab Cultural Academy, and Albabtain Foundation for Poetic Creativity.

The Lebanese Minister of Education honored him at the “Palaix UNESCO” in Lebanon and bestowed upon him the title of Academic, Great Poet, Exemplary Employee, and Role Model.

His autobiography has been compiled into a five hundred and twenty-six-page book published by "The Cultural Forum for Lebanese-International Dialogue."

The National Commission for UNESCO has disseminated his poetry online alongside the works of seventy Lebanese poets.

Prof. Georges Antonios Tarabay
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