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Dr. Hatim Muhammad Sakr Al-Sakr

Born in Baghdad, Iraq.

Holds a Ph.D. with distinction and honors in Modern Arabic Literature and Criticism, obtained in 1998, on a “Study of Narrative in Modern Arabic Poem”.

Serves as a university professor.

Member of the Arab Writers Union, the Iraqi Writers Union, and the Association of Literary Critics.

Founding member of the Advisory Committee of the "Ketab Fi Jarida" Project under the supervision of UNESCO.

Editor-in-Chief of “Al-Talia” Literary Magazine, 1993-1995.

Among his Publications:

"The Visual and the Written: Studies in Contemporary Arabic Formation" (2007).

"The Butterfly's Dream: Rhythm and Textual Characteristics in Prose Poetry" (2004).

"The Explosion of Silence: Feminist Writing in Yemen" (2003).

"Narcissus's Mirrors: Modern Poem of Narrative" (1999).

"Taming the Text: Analysis of Poetic Text in Contemporary Arabic Criticism" (1998).

"The Well and the Honey: Contemporary Readings in Heritage Texts" (1997).

"Raphael Batti and the Leadership of Arabic Poetry: Study and Selections" (1995).

"Self-Writing: Factual Studies" (1994).

"What the Attribute Does Not Accomplish: Linguistic and Poetic Approaches" (1993).

"Poetry and Transmission" (1988).

"Encounters of the Coming Voice: Studies in Seventies Poetry" (1987).

"The Fingers in the Poetry Hearth: Proposed Introductions to Poem Reading" (1986).

Additionally, he has three poetry collections.

Dr. Hatim Muhammad Sakr Al-Sakr
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