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Dr. Omar Al-Marakeshi

Born in Morocco in 1949.

Obtained the Baccalaureate in 1967,

Bachelor's degree in Arabic Literature in 1970,

Academic Efficiency Certificate in 1971,

Advanced Studies Diploma in 1973,

Third Cycle Doctorate in 1978,

State Doctorate in 1989.

Higher Education Professor from 1973-1999.

Mission-Assigned Professor by the Minister of Education from 1980-1991.

Head of the Arabic Language and Literature Department from 1978-1999.

Associate Professor at Al-Quds University - Faculty of Arts for Girls from 1997-1999.

Member of a number of committees, including:

National Committee for Translation Accreditation from 1980-1999

National Committee for French Accreditation from 1980-1999

School Textbook Authoring Committee from 1975-1980

Educational Support Committee from 1980-1999

International Charitable Committee from 1984-1999

Moroccan Student Selection Committee for the Saud Albabtain Kuwaiti Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies from 1993-1999

General Secretary of the Fes-Saiss Association from 1993-1999, and Chairman of the Cultural Committee in the Association from 1990-1999.

Among his Publications:

“From Displacement to Return: A Reading in Palestinian Novels”

“The Moroccan Sahara through Heritage and History”

“The Hero in the Works of Jabra Ibrahim Jabra, Emile Habibi, and Ghassan Kanafani”

“Narrative Genres: From Reading to Interpretation”

Additionally, he had many articles and studies published in various international journals.

Dr. Omar Al-Marakeshi
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