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Mr. Izzeldine Mihoubi

Born in 1959 in Ain El-Khadra, M'Sila Province, Algeria.

After completing his primary and secondary education in 1975, and obtaining his baccalaureate in 1979, he studied Fine Arts and Literature, graduating from the National School of Administration in 1984.

He started working in journalism in 1986 and served as the editor-in-chief of Al-Shaab newspaper until 1992. He then established a media institution and managed media and specialized programs on Algerian television.

He was elected as a member of the Algerian Parliament in 1997, representing the National Democratic Rally party, and was a member in the Algerian Writers' Union in 1998.

His poetry collections include: 

"At First, There Was Oras" (1985),

"Curse and Forgiveness" (1996)

"The Palm Tree and the Paddle" (1996)

"Khayriyah" (1996)

"Something Like Poetry" (1997)

"The Quatrains" (1998)

"The Sun and the Hangman" (1998)

His other creative works include operas and plays, such as:




"The Martyr Said"

"The Dahlia"

He participated in several literary conferences and seminars in various international capitals, including Riyadh, Cairo, Tripoli, Baghdad, Tehran, Kuwait, Rabat, Beirut, Damascus, and Italy.

He received the following awards:

National Award of Poetry in 1982, 

First Award for Opera in 1987

First Award for Best Professional Theatrical Text in 1998

Mr. Izzeldine Mihoubi
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