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Mr. Abdulaziz Muhammad Al-Suraye’e

He was born in 1939. Holds a Bachelor's degree in Arabic language from Kuwait University.

He was appointed as the theater coordinator in the Higher Committee for Arts Development in 1972.

He worked at the Ministry of Education then headed to work at the National Council for Culture, Arts, and Literature in 1973, then became the Director of the Department of Culture and Arts.

He left the National Council in 1993 to fully dedicate himself to work at the Foundation of Abdulaziz Saud Albabtain Prize for Poetic Creativity.

He has a collection of works in theater, including:

"Flous wa Nufous" in 1963

"Al-Jo'" in 1964, "Indahu Shahada" in 1964

"Laman al-Qarar al-Akhir" in 1968

"Al-Daraja al-Rabea" in 1970

"Daa' al-Deek" in 1971

Additionally, he has participated in three plays with Saqr Al-Rashood.

He also has a short story collection titled "Dumoo' Rajul Mutazawwij" in 1985, as well as several theatrical performances and television and radio series written by him.

He was awarded the Cultural Merit Medal from the second class by the President of Tunisia in 1995, and the Grand Honor Medal from the Gulf Cooperation Council Theater Festival in Abu Dhabi in 2003.

He has served on numerous committees and boards, including:

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Gulf Arab Theater for many years.

Member of the Writers' Association in Kuwait and Vice President of the General Union of Arab Artists from 1990 to 1994.

Head of judging committees for several theater festivals inside and outside Kuwait.

Mr. Abdulaziz Muhammad Al-Suraye’e
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