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Prof. Dr. Maneef Moussa

Born in 1940 in Al-Miyyah wa Miyyah, Saida district, Lebanon.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Arabic Language and Literature, a Master's degree in Contemporary Literature, a Ph.D. in Modern Literature, and a Habilitation degree in Comparative Literary Criticism.

He is a critic and researcher interested in literary and critical studies and currently holds the position of Chair Professor at the Faculty of Arts at the Lebanese University.

Among his Poetry Collections:

"Luna" (1965)

“A Lover from Lebanon” (1992).

Among his works:

Modern Arabic Poetry in Lebanon.

The Prose Diwan of Modern Arabic Poetry.

Al-Jahiz: His Life, Thought, and Literature.

Amin al-Rihani: His Life, Thought, and Literature.

Muhammad al-Fayturi: The Poet of Emotion, Nationalism, and Love.

In Poetry and Criticism.

Sulayman al-Bustani: His Life, Thought, and Literature.

Prof. Dr. Maneef Moussa
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