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Prof. Dr. Muhammad bin Sharifa

Born in Morocco in 1349 AH / 1930.

Graduated as part of the first cohort at Mohammed V University in 1960, and later obtained a PhD from Cairo University in 1969.

Engaged in university teaching and became a professor of Andalusian literature at Mohammed V University since 1970. During this period, he was appointed as the curator of the Great Treasury at Al-Qarawiyin University, served as the dean of the Faculty of Arts, and was responsible for Mohammed I University in Oujda from its establishment in 1978 until 1983.

Many undergraduate and postgraduate students graduated under his supervision.

Member of the Moroccan Academy since its establishment, chairman of its Heritage Committee, and member of the Royal Academy of History in Spain, the Arabic Language Academy in Damascus, and several scientific committees and cultural associations in Morocco and the Arab world.

Received the Grand Morocco Award in 1987 for his study titled "Abu Tammam and Abu Al-Tayyib in Moroccan Literature."

Has valuable works and research that reflect his diligent and distinctive approach to research and investigation, including:

"Abu Al-Mutarrif Ahmad ibn Umairah Al-Makhzumi: His Life and Works,"

"Proverbs of the Common People in Andalusia,"

His critical editions include:

“Al-Lathi and its Continuation by ibn Abd Al-Malik Al-Marrakushi”

"Tarteeb Al-Madarik" by Al-Qadi Ayyadh,

"Introduction to Al-Qadi Ayyadh" by Muhammad Ould Al-Qadi Ayyadh.

"Turfat Al-Zarif fi Ahl Al-Jazira wa Tarif" by Al-Mazuzi

"Rowdat Al-Adib fi Al-Tafdhil Bayn Al-Mutanabbi wa Habib" by Ibn Lubal Al-Sharishi

"Diwan Ibn Markun."

Won the King Faisal International Prize for Arabic Literature in 1408 AH / 1988 (jointly) with the topic of the prize being "Studies on Arabic Literature in Andalusia."

Prof. Dr. Muhammad bin Sharifa
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